Changing Careers? Here’s How Engineers Can Appear Qualified for Their New Job

Many engineers today are shifting careers. But how should they manage when looking for a job?

Nowadays, it is no longer new that engineers want out of their respective fields to pursue a career that they truly want, may it be related to engineering or something completely different. Some may say that it is a mistake, throwing away all those years of studying engineering only to quit on it later on.

If you are one of those engineers making the big change, do not mind them. Taking engineering cannot be really considered a mistake – just think of it as part of the process as a career professional.

So what now? What do you need to do to make the shift to other fields? Here are tips:

Research the role

Say you are a civil engineer wanting to explore the renewable energy sector. While they are slightly related, the cores and scope of the two are different. The best thing to do to keep up is to research the role and study what it takes to get into the business.

When you do not have credentials, at least be knowledgeable about your new field of interest. Dig deep into the job description, ask your friends who work in that sector, and pay attention to the nature of the job.

Update your resume

Because you are going to apply for jobs in your new field, you have to make your resume appear that you are fit for your new roles. While you might have difficulty on the technical areas, your soft skills and other engineering skills will be handy as those are transferrable.

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Relate your previous jobs to the new one as much as possible by mentioning the appropriate experiences that you had in your resume.

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Highlight relevant experience

This is the best way to sell yourself – talk during the job interview.

The hiring manager needs to be convinced that someone like you, a newbie to the field, is a worthy hire. He or she must never think that you are making a career shift. Use whatever you have researched and studied to your advantage while in this stage.

Be confident

It pays to be sure about your decision of changing careers from being an engineer. Each step of the way you must have the trust in yourself that you will succeed in this endeavor. If you do not have that, not one employer will be interested in you.

Fake it until you make it!

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Changing Careers? Here’s How Engineers Can Appear Qualified for Their New Job

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