What To Do When You Don’t Feel Any Growth In Your Engineering Career

Quitting your job may be your last resort, but before you think about that, try these tips to bring back your love for your job.

Have you ever felt like the job you once loved so much has now become too much of a routine and starting to get dull? You do the same thing everyday, and you feel that you’re not growing professionally anymore. Going to work becomes more of a chore than something to look forward to everyday. Well, I’ve been there and believe me when I tell you that quitting isn’t the absolute answer. Quitting your job may be your last resort, but before you think about that, try these tips to bring back your love for your job.

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Jumble Your Routine

If your schedule permits, try jumbling your routine. I usually do most of my grunt work during the first half of my work shift because that’s when I’m more energized. This way, I can do the more pleasurable part of my work during the second half of my work shift. I have less energy by then, but I have more motivation to do the tasks because I enjoy doing the task more.

This is just my example. It’s up to you really, try to fix your routine in such a way you can make it more pleasurable for you.

Ask for extra work

Okay, hear me out. Not everyone wants extra work, especially when we are usually already overworked. But sometimes trying something new can brighten up your day. Ask for an extra task that is good enough for you to try something new, but not too big that it can destroy your schedule.

In my first engineering job, there were times when the office was just too monotonous that I couldn’t concentrate on my computer screen. I needed to do something to break the monotony. Since I couldn’t afford to do extra big tasks, I offered to help a colleague with his presentation by photocopying his reports for the audience that day. It wasn’t something big, but it helped brighten up my day a bit.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill will open your doors to new opportunities! This is the ultimate answer to your search for professional growth. Whenever the opportunity comes, join seminars, participate in extracurricular projects, and attend in conferences. If you have the chance during your free time, get certified for new skills, and learn a new software.

Having new skills can get you a promotion, and if in the end you decide to leave the company, you’ll still have these new skills on your resume that can help you land a new job.

Talk to your manager

It may be time to talk to your manager. Explain to him/her how you feel about this job and that you are not growing professionally. Give him/her possible solutions as well. This will show your manager that you still want to stay in the company, and are still trying to make things work. A good engineering manager will understand your situation and will try to help you with your problem by making some adjustments.

You can suggest that you and your team take turns in doing certain routine tasks, so all of you would share the experience and be able to get the chance do new things as well.

When all else fails, then maybe we can take it as a sign that leaving the company is the best solution. There are companies that put you in a cage and stunt your professional growth making you content with the same work all the time, and there are those that make sure you reach your full potential. As engineers, I suggest we always choose the latter.

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What To Do When You Don’t Feel Any Growth In Your Engineering Career

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