4 Awesome eLearning Tools You Should Watch Out For

Enough research is there to prove that with the right eLearning authoring tools, the knowledge retention rate increases by a good 60%

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With eLearning seemingly taking over most aspects of the market, more and more people are finding innovative and fresh ways to make eLearning interesting for everyone across the board. This includes the aspect of employee training as well. With new and improved ways to produce the right kind of content, employees will not only pick up new concepts but also be a lot more productive on the job.

Enough research is there to prove that with the right eLearning authoring tools, the knowledge retention rate increases by a good 60%. That is no small margin by any means and proof that eLearning is working well. Then again, even the best eLearning professional out there is only as good as his tools. Which is exactly why all of your focus must be on the tools and the best one to select for your needs. Here are the top seven eLearning tools to sink your teeth into:-


  • Momentum: Out of all the list of tools, this is probably the easiest one to use. This is basically a to-do list that is used with Google Chrome. Most people underestimate the importance of an online to-do list. Since it is extremely user-friendly in every possible way, it will improve your productivity in the long-run as well.

  • Trello: Being a project management tool that is easy to use, its user-friendliness is the main reason why people find it so appealing. Plus, it uses a clear visual order to manage all the production processes in totality, ensuring that the otherwise chaotic organisation process is a smooth sail with hardly any obstacles ahead.

    Here, the most difficult part of coordinating everyone’s input is made a lot easier by tracking the status of various tasks. The methods of management that it has to offer are many, starting from boards, lists and colour coding.

  • Mural: Even though this is not a common tool as of yet, its sheer efficiency is enough for a direct recommendation without any hesitation. For all those who are looking for the ideal platform to share, develop and organise their ideas as well as brainstorm them, you’ve come to the right place.

    Apart from being visually pleasing as well as the perfect option for all services with global offices, every team member can visually contribute their ideas as well as collecting all information in one place at the same time.

  • Tomato timers: All you procrastinators out there – this is the app that will save you. Here, a timer is used to break intervals which is mainly 20-25 minutes separated by short breaks. Not only is simple to use, but you can even customise your timer.
    For productivity in general, this is the ideal eLearning tool as the stages of tracking, planning and recording are taken care of. Also, once you take a break from learning and go back to review, your level of knowledge retention will increase as well.

Since eLearning tools have taken off in a big way, one only has to dig partially beneath the surface to notice that there is indeed a lot more than meets the eye at first. All you need to do is figure out the nature of your learning goals and then take things forward with regard to selecting the best tools for the job. Be it for researching trends, organising your work, peer networking, the creation of course content or proper communication with learners.

Nowadays, eLearning has become a lot more than just about proper corporate training. Although this may surprise a lot of you out there, it is even being used in schools and universities to train their students in the best possible way. Hence, more people are realising and abandoning the popular misconception that eLearning is primarily good for the corporate sector and nowhere else.

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4 Awesome eLearning Tools You Should Watch Out For

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