Why Female Engineers Are Sexy and Why It Matters

A perspective from a male engineer on the presence of sexy women in engineering.

Who says engineers cannot be females? Who says female engineers cannot be chicks? And who says female engineers can’t be sexy?

In a male-dominated world that is engineering, women aren’t noticed so well. The probability of spotting chicks in that small percentage of women is slim. But when we discover those women who we can say as ‘too hot to be engineers,’ we are left jaw-dropped, thinking that they do not exist. Well, they do.

But the question still remains: why are they so goddamn sexy? Here’s why.

It doesn’t take a genius or a sex maniac to notice that these engineer-chicks have that special mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice that exudes from within, which no women from other fields of expertise could emulate. The way they speak, the way they dress, the way they simply sit down in that office, more so the way they run the world – there is that certain umph, an appeal we just can’t explain. That doesn’t even include having that physical ‘gift’, if you know what I mean.

Source: Gifs (Female Engineers)

More than that certain umph, female engineers are, well, in engineering. That is definitely hot enough mostly for the sapiosexuals. Engineering is an intricate field of study and women who can handle that kind of intricate are worth the attention. We have to underline their capacity to think and analyze alongside being attractive – they are not just all about the looks, they are also about the brains.

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We also cannot discount that unique gift that only women have – their power of intuition. When there’s something wrong and science cannot evaluate and predict it, their gift steps in. They provide the solution that the masculine cannot give. And that’s definitely attractive to someone who wants to have a family.

Source: Giphy (Female Engineers)

Ultimately, female engineers are sexy for a reason. It could be that they were taught to be like that, or they have to conform to an environment – or so the great nature or nurture debate. Either way, we are not complaining.

But finding an engineer-chick in a perfect package is like catching that specific fish of your liking in the sea – it is a difficult find (unless you’ve found Karlie Kloss on a print ad). There can be many levels of sexy for an engineer chick and we just have to settle for fishes in any level because, come on, they are female engineers!

Frank Taylor

Australian living in sunny Dubai. Chemical engineer, writer, blogger and social good enthusiast. I'm on Twitter @FrankTaylor90

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  1. You should take this piece of schoolboy rubbish down. Women aren’t in the job for your satisfaction. Get a grip.

Why Female Engineers Are Sexy and Why It Matters

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