How Engineers Can Transform Obstacles into Opportunities

In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity

As engineers, it’s nothing new for us to be faced with numerous obstacles, challenges and problems. Thankfully, we are skilled problem solvers no matter how big or small our problems are. While some problems may seem so big that we can’t solve it, we should know that sometimes there are opportunities that exist in the challenges we are currently facing. These opportunities can drive creativity, innovation, and productivity in the workplace.

Here are some ways you can turn your obstacles into opportunities.

Use the concept of reverse engineering

This means that you will need to retrace the situation from the endpoint (effect) to the beginning of your problem (cause). By retracing the steps you took, you’ll be able to find the root cause of your problem and therefore may be able to find an appropriate solution for your problem. This will give you the opportunity to study what decisions you may have made, if they were right or wrong.


Sometimes when the situation is so bad, a complete reboot may be the best solution. This could mean a new team, a new department, a new task, or maybe a new job. It will feel bad at first, but think of it as a fresh start. This will give you the opportunity to do better, and find better teammates to work with. A new department may be where your skills would shine, or maybe a new company would give you better professional growth.

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It’s all about perspective

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Sometimes we get so negative when we are faced with an obstacle. Remember, always look at both sides of a coin. Check negotiations at all sides of the issues, try to see it in their perspective without losing ground on yours. Listen to other people’s fresh new approaches.

Be a positive influence

No one wants to work in an office of toxic people and while we all want to stay positive and be productive at work, it can be difficult if everyone in you team or department are all pessimists. Share your good vibes with them, listen to their suggestions, create healthy and engaging conversations about work, share your optimism. This way, you’ll be bringing in a healthy work environment where you will be working more productively as a team.


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How Engineers Can Transform Obstacles into Opportunities

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