Why Engineers Should Create A Blog For Their Startup

Blogging enables you to deliver your content to your customers and it also makes your online marketing life a breeze.

Startups nowadays rely heavily on online marketing when it comes to connecting with customers. This mostly comes in the form of Social Media Marketing, advertising, and many others. Those tools however require lots of research and planning in order to become effective; you may even have to hire someone to do it for you.

There’s one other way to market your business on the internet though and it’s very simple to use unlike the prior methods: Blogging. Blogging enables you to deliver your content to your customers and it also makes your online marketing life a breeze.

So why write a business blog? We’ve gathered together 10 reasons why you should choose blogging as your online marketing tool.

Everyone’s on the Internet. Any business would probably want to be recognized by the masses, and the best way to reach the masses is through the internet. Almost everyone has online access and putting your content on the web is a surefire way to get a lot of viewers.

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More viewers = More Customers. Getting your content out there is sure to get you noticed by more people who can potentially be your future customers.

You can use it to show what your business is all about. This gives you the ability to tell them why you’re in the industry and what you can do for them.

It sets your brand’s ‘character’. An effective blog will show your customers who your brand is and it defines whether you’re a brand to look out for.

It builds relationships with your customers and gives them confidence with your brand. Getting information through properly formulated content gives customers reason to trust your brand and your products.

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It lets you know who your customers are. Blogging allows you to check the user trends with Analytic Tools. You can see what your customers read, what topics they like, and what they click on. This would enable you to gear up and find out what content is best for your online readers.

It’s free advertising. If your blog contains useful information, there’s a high chance of people reblogging it or even sharing it to social media sites like Facebook. Not only does it make you more visible, it also saves you some money which you can then use for something else.

Anyone can use it. Whether you’re a fresh face in the industry or whether you’re already a business veteran, blogging is for you. You don’t even need graphics design knowledge to create a blog. Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr offers a user-friendly interface which doesn’t require you to be tech savvy.

It lets your customers know what’s going on. Real time updates or news regarding your brand is sure to leave a good impression to your customers.

It makes you think about your business, your customers, and everything else around you. A good content gives good rewards and good rewards makes you and your business reach better heights.

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Why Engineers Should Create A Blog For Their Startup

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