An Engineer’s Guide On Earning Respect At Work

There’s one thing you want from everyone you work with: respect.

Don’t you love working in an environment where you and your colleagues respect each other? You don’t have to worry about another engineer overstepping you or outshining you at work because they respect you and they believe in your capacity to do work. As you stay longer in the company, you will encounter different people – some are easy while some are rather difficult to work with. There’s one thing you want from all of them: respect.

Here are simple tips to earn that respect from other people at work.

Be yourself, be an engineer

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Don’t play certain roles in the team when you know you can’t dignify that role. You don’t have to be the mean and scary team leader. You don’t even have to act like the silent type when you have these wonderful ideas inside your head. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Don’t be afraid that the other engineers will not like you for who you.

Be genuine in wanting to get to know others

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When you talk to your colleagues, be genuine in wanting to get to know them. Once they sense that you do care about what they think in certain matters, they’ll open up to you. This allows you to find ways on how to help them in their work, which would eventually make them see how willing you are to be helpful to them. This will help you earn the respect you want.

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Give proper credit

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Of course you work hard in the office and you want people to recognize all the things you’ve done for them. We all want that but that would make you look a little too vain to your colleagues so here’s an advice: to gain respect, be humble. Give credit where credit is due.

Also, if anyone in your team did a really good job, it doesn’t hurt to praise them for their work. People who see that you acknowledge their accomplishments would learn to respect you. It’s a win-win situation.

Dress appropriately

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Admit it or not, people would judge you based on what you wear. This serves to be very true in the office. When you’re the leader in the group and you wear a really ridiculous-looking outfit, chances are they will make fun of you behind your back. Where’s the respect in that?

So better choose your outfits wisely. If you’re not too sure about the clothes you wear, you can ask a trusted colleague about his/her opinion so that you’ll get an idea next time. It also helps to invest on how you look because it matters to your career, to your office and to your clients as well.

Be careful what you say

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People prefer working with those who know how to deliver a message across the room. They don’t want to be with someone who speaks immediately without even thinking of what she wants to point out. They usually trust someone who thinks before he/she speaks because they look more thoughtful. Also, who would want to work with someone who spreads gossip around the office, right?

Emmanuel Stalling
Emmanuel Stalling is software engineer, technical writer, online philosopher, aspiring novelist, part-time ninja, and fan of hard science fiction. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA.

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An Engineer’s Guide On Earning Respect At Work

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