Engineers Must Learn to Embrace Change

The only thing constant in this world is change.

Embrace change because it’s the only thing constant in this world.

Heraclitus’ famous saying holds great meaning for everyone, especially millennial engineers. Being engineers in this fast-paced world, isn’t an easy task. Everything is moving so fast: computer tech, mobile tech, the economy, and even climate change. As millennial engineers, we are expected to adapt to this fast-paced trends and be catalysts for change.

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We have been born in a time where we have experienced what technologists call, “the great transition period”. A good example is the transition from the old Betamax to VHS, to VCD, to DVD and to the present Blu-Ray technology. Another good example is construction design. Engineers in the past used to purely design buildings and manufacturing parts using traditional technical drawing methods, now we have different computer-aided design software that help engineers visualize and simulate their designs.

What am I trying to point out here?

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That we millennial engineers should embrace change, and be catalysts for change. The examples I mentioned earlier were done by engineers who believed there is something to change and improve, and it is our responsibility as engineers to continue this trend and improve our world in our own engineering fields. Don’t be stagnant. Let us not simply accept that there is no improvement to a certain item, event or process because we all know that an engineer always have new ideas and that engineers will always want to build something new.

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For if we remain stagnant, then why call ourselves engineers?

As long as there is something to be improved in this world, engineers will always be needed. Wake up, this is for you. Embrace change because the world needs you.

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Engineers Must Learn to Embrace Change

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