Engineers Should Not Be Evaluated Solely By Their Resumes

There are much better ways to know that an engineer is qualified for the job.

The resume is the most commonly used document to prove that a person is worthy of a job he or she is applying for. This is the reason why many job hunters focus on perfecting their resumes while being as accurate as possible with their placed information. It is their ticket to employment, after all.

But is it right that hiring managers filter job applicants through resumes? The answer is probably no.

While it is the fastest way to sort out who might or might not be deserving for the job, looking at resumes isn’t really the best thing to do if hiring managers are looking for the best talent, especially among engineers.

The typical qualities of excellent engineers, which are intelligence, passion, grit, integrity, and teamwork, are not evident in resumes, even from those with experience. It is hard to find quality engineers when the hiring system is often based on resumes.

Plenty of experience to the left, no experience to the right. A system that leaves out the potentials of applicants.

How about those who do not have ample experience, like the fresh engineering graduates, but have superior qualities over those who already have years of engineering work? They miss out on opportunities just because many companies today only use resumes as basis for employment early in the hiring process.

Here are two recommendations for hiring managers so they could hire the best engineers there are. Listed below are those:

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Check social media

Quite a task if you ask me, but doing this to every candidate might just be worth it in the end. High-performing engineers are often active on social media, with strong online presences elsewhere. What they post, upload, and share speak a lot about their character. Consider these things and check signs of a great engineer from there.

But of course this isn’t the single important factor to consider in hiring other than resumes.

Focus on interviews

The gist is to allow all engineers who submitted their resumes for a job posting to be given a chance to be employed beyond paper. And the best way is through interviews, one by one, although labor-intensive.

This way, hiring managers will have an in-depth understanding how the engineers are like other than what is written and printed in their documents. That is if they really want what is best for the company.

Ask lots of questions to measure the capacities of the applicants and see the answers fit for what you want for your company. It could be about anything which will reveal their competencies as well as their personalities.

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Engineers Should Not Be Evaluated Solely By Their Resumes

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