Why Engineers Should Work Even During the Holidays

Got asked to report for duty in holidays like Christmas and New Year? Here are reasons that it is a good idea to accept.

There are many engineering jobs today which require men and women to work round the clock, perhaps due to the nature of work or the need to beat deadlines. This means that some engineers might be required to report for duty even during the holidays.

It is not the most exciting thing, said Andy Teach, a corporate veteran and author of From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time.

He shared, “It’s not easy working when most people get to enjoy the day off. It involves a lot of sacrifice. It’s one thing to volunteer to work on a holiday but unfortunately, not everyone has a choice.”

But Teach believes that there are certain benefits to working on a holiday. A few are the following:

More money

If you are an engineer who gets paid depending on the hours rendered, then you are most likely to make more money if you report for duty during the holidays. Certain laws in countries as well as within companies allow this financial benefit, often adding a percentage of your daily rate to your regular salary.

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Bosses appreciate engineers who step up. And one way for you to do that is by showing up at work even when you are not supposed to – like during Christmas or the New Year – but you are asked to. Your boss will have a good impression about you for going the extra mile.

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Gives you a challenge

Holidays mean different circumstances at work. Only few of you might be asked to report, which means that tasks might be more hectic and demanding than usual. And that is okay as it is your opportunity to shine amid the challenges.

Extra vacation days

There are engineering companies which permit annual leaves to take a break from work. And if you work when the date in the calendar is shaded or colored, you have a chance of being given more vacation days.


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Why Engineers Should Work Even During the Holidays

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