How to Excel as an Engineer Leader in the Age of Machines

5 critical skills for engineer leaders to excel in this digital age of machines.

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Robotics and artificial intelligence are two industries that are currently thriving in our digital world today. As these two industries continue to take the world by storm in the next years to come, many companies are slowly adapting to these changes by training digitally-savvy leaders to lead the future generation of employees to excel in this digital age of machines.

Here are 5 skills engineer leaders should develop to excel in the digital age.

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Apply Digitization

Engineer leaders should use their digital-savvy knowledge to apply digital improvements in their workplace. Whether it is to automate a certain process, getting a new wireless data monitoring gadget, or simply updating computer apps to a more useful one, small improvements will greatly help productivity in the workplace.


Good engineer leaders are not afraid of digital changes. They anticipate new technology and adapt to constant change–even if it means training for new technology. They are willing to adapt because if they don’t, they would fall behind. In addition to this, they make sure their team is properly trained on the new technologies, and will encourage them to get new skills.

Execute your plans

Digital savvy leaders don’t just end at planning. They work towards executing their plans, and see it through until completion.

Collaboration and training

Engineer leaders encourage collaboration and training between their company and organizations/ events that will stimulate more knowledge on new technology.

Continuous Learning

Engineer leaders should always read and research online. Whether it’s about new technology, current events, or leadership skills, having a good read of short articles or blogs everyday will help keep you updated with the digital world. We can consider ourselves fortunate because we have the internet since every bit of knowledge is just a tap away.

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These five skills are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being a successful digitally-savvy engineering leader and should be combined with classical and timeless leadership skills as well. You can read some of them here.

Have any other skills you think should be included on this list? Tell us in the comments below.

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How to Excel as an Engineer Leader in the Age of Machines

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