Habits of Likable Young Engineers

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We all want to be admired by the people we work with. When we work in the engineering industry, it gets harder to be likable because of the pressure and stress that go with our work. As much as possible, people tend to be just professional with one another. However, being likable can be put to good use as it helps us climb the corporate ladder. Young engineers, read carefully.

If you find yourself as one of those engineers who have a hard time mingling with other people, you can develop these habits that make you likable for them. They may look easy to do at first but it takes some time before these habits become natural for you to do. So go, give it a try.

Get to know the people you work with.

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Always make sure you spend some time getting to know the people you work with. Either taking a water break with them or having lunch together, getting to know them and showing sincerity in your interest of doing so will go a long way later on. This would also help with your quality of wok.

Offer your help as much as possible.

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We’re always so busy at work as engineers. Projects pile up and you feel like you have to put your work first before anything else. So why don’t you take a break from what you are doing and offer to help someone else in your office? Not only will your assistance make an impact, it will also allow you to establish a better relationship with your colleagues.

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Always smile.

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We all know smiles are contagious. We also know that if you tend to smile more, people will approach you more. So go ahead young engineers, show your pearly whites and who knows, you might make someone feel better at work. By the way, did you know that smiling makes you look more competent?

Praise someone’s work.

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People love to be praised. You want to be praised as well. So if you have someone at work who needs AND deserves an acknowledgement for all the good work he/she has done, it will never hurt you to praise that person. Not only will that simple gesture make that person’s day, it will also motivate that person to do better at work.

Show gratitude. 

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Don’t just say “Thank you” to someone who helped you with a project. One way to make the people appreciate you more (and make them want to help you) is by showing them how grateful you are for the help they’ve given to you. If you happen to pass by a coffee shop before you head to work, buy that someone a donut or a cup of coffee to show them you are thankful for their kind deed.

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Habits of Likable Young Engineers

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