Help an Employee to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Support Family Time

Work-Life balance is critical to any employee. It is important to maintain a clear balance between work and personal life. However, the increasing use of gadgets at both work and home makes it hard to draw a  separating line between the two. Adding small facilities, like the  human scale  keyboard systems  for instance,  does make the long day at work a little less tiring as the desk is more organized ultimately  facilitating the employee to complete the work fast. To ensure they have a happy and balanced life outside the office premises, something more than just physical facilities is needed. Few tips below can be useful:

Respect Time Off

Treat people’s breaks and time off as sacred. It is inhuman to call people from their time off to work for you unless it is unavoidable. Most people hate jobs that take over their life. Encourage employees to use their time off constructively. Taking proper breaks within the day also helps to relax and recharge a tired brain. Relaxation creates new energy. That free time also gives employees a chance to focus on things in their lives. Proper work-life balance can only be attained through respecting the time allocated to work and that created for rest.

Support Family Time

Realising that employees have a life outside work and supporting them to enjoy it is  important. Respect other people’s commitments and honor them as you would your own. Parents may at times need to get off from work early to pick their children from school. It is important to show you understand such things as an employer. It is also important to ensure that this does not flow into work performance. Being a caring employer creates a good reputation for your business and increases your employee retention rate.

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Encourage Time Off

Most people want to work the extra hour to earn a little more. However, the holidays are a necessity and not a luxury. Encourage employees to take their time off work seriously. This helps them switch off and enjoy themselves reducing the possibility of work related stress. Light exercises are also highly recommended during time off. It does not have to be a vacation break. Even short breaks from work within the day should be highly encouraged. They recharge employees energy as they return to work.

Establish Boundaries

Employers should create a strict forum working hours. Most employees may not be particularly thrilled about staying over for extra hours of work but some may need the extra portion. It is therefore important to ensure working hours are respected and that extra hours are scrapped. Also, set boundaries for the time in which work communication is passes to employees. It is best to use only working hours to send company messages. Let workers leave early enough to be well rested by morning and also to go over personal issues.

Overtime Is not a Culture

In most businesses working for long hours even during the night is a normal thing. This should not be the case. The human body requires rest in order to perform. Overtime tires workers over work that can be done the next day. Most employees are forced to work extra hours because of unreasonable work sharing. It is best to encourage teamwork if the work is too much for a single person. Encourage task sharing within departments.

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Effective Work-Life balance promotes both employee performance and also their morale at work. It is important not to breach their privacy by giving them work during their leisure or sending them work emails during odd hours. Better yet, be an example to them. If you tell employees not to work pat certain hours, it is unreasonable for you to send them work emails after hours are long overdue.

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Help an Employee to Achieve Work-Life Balance

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