How To Be A Fulfilled Engineer

Be resilient

Fulfilled Engineer

At the end of every year, we always find ourselves reflecting on the choices we made everyday for the year. It’s either we regret a lot of things or find ourselves fulfilled because we felt like we’re satisfied with what we’ve done for that year. From our careers in engineering to the social impact we’ve made to the society, we often try to base our fulfillment in every life choice we make.

So how does an engineer become fulfilled? It’s not going to be easy because we’ll often make mistakes along the way. We’re human but it can be done. Here are tips to feel fulfilled:

Always take risks

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We’re often told not to take risks if we want to live inside our comfort zones. Inside that zone, there’s less chance of ever having to worry about different things such as your career, family life, social life, etc. Everything’s safe and boring.

But if you have dreams and goals in life, sometimes, the only thing to do is take those risks to achieve them. Sometimes you fail when you take risks but think of them as learning experiences for you. Sometimes you get what you really want when you take a leap of faith and take the risk that nobody else will.

Have strong values and stick with them

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Be the type of person who has strong values. Then stick with them. Don’t let pressure from work or family or friends cloud your judgement and don’t give in to anything that’s against your values. Surround yourself with people who share those values with you. Never do anything that you’re not happy about. At the end of the day, you don’t want to feel bad about yourself and feel guilty over something.

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Be resilient

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Life will always be hard. That’s a given fact. Your boss might always scold you or you may get told you’re not the best engineer around. Some are unfortunate to get fired from their jobs and others are just down with their luck. If you’re having one of those awful weeks where nothing seems to go your way, don’t give up. Pick yourself up and try again.

Connect with other people

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We can never do things alone. Most of the time, we need people to connect with to get through life. This may involve people from work, people who eventually become your friends for the rest of your life or that one person you’ll marry. Choose the people you connect with wisely and always make an effort to keep that connection between you and them.

Give back

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Sure, you might be the richest person in your crowd but having all that money, does it really make you fulfilled? Wouldn’t it be better if you give a little of that money back to the community that helped you become who you are? Wouldn’t it be better if you help others as well? Yes, it’s best to give back. You should.

While these things may look easy to do, some people still find it hard to practice. However, if you really want to be fulfilled, maybe doing your best to practice these everyday will help you.

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How To Be A Fulfilled Engineer

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