How to Keep an Engineer From Burning Out

You don’t want your engineers to hate the job and quit, right?

We all want everybody in our team to be engaged in the work they’re assigned in. We also want them to be always eager in finding the right solutions to the team’s problems, to produce better products and deliver more than what is expected of them. And if there’s one thing we hate to happen with the engineers we work with, it’s getting the employee burnout.

We encourage them to work really hard offering them promises of promotion or a raise if they do. However, they start to get the burnout. Once they do, we know they’ll start hating the job, performing less and eventually quitting the job.

This happened to so many people before. In the engineering field, there are so many deadlines to beat and projects and papers to work on, getting the burnout is bound to happen to a lot of engineers. But there’s one easy trick to keep that from happening.


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A research presented during the annual meeting of the Academy of Management states that the main source of this problem actually comes from answering work emails after office hours. While it may sound like a task engineers can avoid, most engineers find it hard to ignore a work email as soon as they receive a notification from their devices. It’s harder when they expect one from an important client or a demanding boss.

So if you want your engineers not to feel any resentment from their work, it is advisable to encourage them to separate work life from personal life. This involves not checking their emails as soon as they step out of the office. People are more productive and less likely to feel stress about work when they work strictly during office hours and enjoy their personal lives after.

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How to Keep an Engineer From Burning Out

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