How To Keep An Engineer Motivated At Work

An engineer like you usually has one of the most exciting jobs around but what if you're not motivated to go to work anymore? What should you do?

An engineer like you has one of the most exciting jobs around but what if you don’t think your job is exciting anymore?

There are days when waking up and going to work can be tiresome. We just want to stay in bed and get more sleep if possible. We feel stuck with the routine that is work and many of us have though of quitting our jobs because the motivation to continue what we do there is gone. Let’s admit it, we all have these days and finding the motivation to work and keep our jobs can be difficult.

For engineers, work can be exhausting. While there are days when we have exciting tasks out in the field, we also experience moments when we don’t like the task at hand. So how can we stay motivated at work?

Identify the tasks at hand.

Before you start working, it’s best to identify the tasks that you need to accomplish today and set goals on what to achieve in a week and in a month. In that way, your mind is clear from other distractions and you are determined and feel more motivated to go to work and finish everything on time.

Know your role.

Some engineers think they are useless at work. “Am I an asset to this company?” is the question most of us would ask when we feel like no one appreciates what we do at work. One way to keep yourself motivated is by finding out your significance in this company. It doesn’t have to be a big role. If you’re still a young assistant supervisor, there is still a significant role for you.

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Remember what they say in movies and theaters: There are no small roles, only small actors. That applies in engineering and every other work there is.

Add some variety in what you do. 

You know what makes work boring for most of us? It’s doing the same thing everyday. Imagine all the filling in of reports, checking the same things and attending meetings everyday. Things can get a bit boring for those who are used to having a routine at work. Get motivated by engaging lots of different skill sets. When you’re exposed to different tasks, you get more excited to go to work.

Ask for feedback.

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves at work and one way to keep ourselves motivated at work is by improving ourselves. When you ask for feedback from the people you work with, bear in mind that some opinions may hurt your ego but use it as motivation to keep improving yourself as an engineer, a leader and a teammate. Getting an honest feedback will help you become better at what you do and it can also help you build a good rapport among your co-workers.

Doing things on your own. 

For some engineers, work can be boring and tiresome if all they have to do is follow their superiors’ instruction. Without the freedom to make your own choices in dealing things at work, most of us feel less motivated to even report to work. It’s motivating for us if we get to decide on how to deal with the tasks at hand.

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How To Keep An Engineer Motivated At Work

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