Why Millennial Engineers Leave Jobs That They Like

Here are 5 reasons! Do you agree, millennial engineers?

Studies estimate that the millennials, collectively known as the Generation Y, are going to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020 and possibly 75% by 2025. This might be a problem for some since there is an impression that this generation is lazy, demanding, overconfident in their abilities, and difficult to manage.

Now there is one more cause of worry for managers: a study by experience management firm called Qualtrics and VC firm known as Accel found that 74% of millennials who like their jobs are planning to leave within the next years. A bit ridiculous but this is indeed becoming a common behavior, even for those who like their  jobs.

For engineering companies, hiring millennials is an advantage especially when they are highly trainable but do not demand high salaries. Perhaps this is no longer the case after this survey. Engineering managers would already think twice about getting employees aged 20- to 30-somethings when they will not stay for long in the company anyway.

Now the questions begs, “Why do millennials act like this? Why do they quit jobs they like?” Here are 5 reasons.

Better Opportunity

Before millennials are judged to quit easily, note that they only look for better opportunities when they do not find career growth in their jobs. Because it is but normal to look for areas of growth and development in a company, particularly for engineers who have a lot to contribute.


The Generation Y likes to travel and explore places. And when given the chance to work in other areas, they are willing to take it. One survey indicates that nearly one in four millennials say they are planning to quit a job they like because they are planning to relocate in the next several years.

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Study Again

It’s fairly understandable that working engineers, at one point, would find themselves wanting to go back to school. For reasons like forwarding careers or missing the academic environment, millennials are more inclined to leave their jobs. Perhaps a contributing factor is that the company is not doing enough to give the engineers opportunities.

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Learn New Skills

Another reason why millennial engineers quit their jobs is because they seek for new skills to learn. Maybe the roles in their companies do not provide that platform, which pushes them to find greener pastures eventually. Companies should take note how the millennial engineers behave when they feel that their talents are not being harnessed.

Changing fields

Given that not all people are sure about the careers they pursue, time comes that they will change fields. For millennials, even they like their jobs, statistics say that roughly 1 in 10 say they will quit because they decide to shift into a new field. In this case, managers cannot blame the millennial engineers if they do not want to become engineers anymore.

Source: Forbes

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Why Millennial Engineers Leave Jobs That They Like

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