How To Motivate Engineers Without Spending Too Much

Here's a motivation tip in case you have unmotivated engineers working for you.

How to motivate millennial engineers is a challenge. Most of the time, we need engineers to get creative at work too. It’s not always going to be about calculations and designs built on squares. Everyday, engineers have to deal with a lot of problem-solving activities that require them to think outside the box. Unfortunately, engineers, just like any other employee, tends to feel unmotivated to do anything to excel at work.

From handling clients to developing projects, engineers must think of creative ways to combine their engineering skills and the demands from their work. However, there are just some who have a hard time doing that. Some feel lazy to even do something out of the usual activities in the office. If you happen to work with one (or if you’re that engineer), here are simple ways to motivate the engineers in your office (and even yourself).

Go on a trip

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Sometimes, what one really needs is a different view from the grey walls one usually sees in the office. It allows them to get a different perspective from what they normally see, which gives them fresh ideas that they can correlate with their projects and work on it.

Give proper coaching

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Engineers should get proper coaching to motivate themselves. Their supervisors and managers should meet with them to allow them to discuss their vision, expected career path and objectives and see if it aligns with the company’s. This will encourage engineers who work for the company to do better in their jobs.

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Acknowledge and encourage

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Engineers are humans too. While it may be inevitable to make mistakes and get reprimanded for them, people at work tend to ignore one’s achievements. Engineers must be acknowledged for their achievements as well so that they’d feel valuable to the company. An appreciated employee/engineer tends to do well than those who feel useless to the company.

Get Involved

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Be involved in charitable activities. Visit local shelters and spend time with the people there. Giving back to the community allows the people you work with to see that there’s more to life than just doing mundane tasks in the office.

Emmanuel Stalling
Emmanuel Stalling is software engineer, technical writer, online philosopher, aspiring novelist, part-time ninja, and fan of hard science fiction. Based in Charlotte, NC, USA.

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How To Motivate Engineers Without Spending Too Much

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