Practice, Practice, Practice: The Secret to Efficient Engineering Problem Solving

Familiarity of the problems presented is key

Engineering is a body of knowledge that deals with a lot of calculations and analysis. It is a world that mixes words with numbers and applies math and physics in solving real-life problems. But what is the secret to efficient engineering problem solving?

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Those already in the field know this too well having been able to survive tons of gruelling exams in college that involve extensive problem solving. Even until one takes the professional or licensure exam, he or she should be equipped with problem solving skills. Only few calculations are done with engineering work unless you are in the field of design, research, and development.

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More than the engineering professionals, engineering students experience this difficulty in handling problems with calculations and analysis. So what is the secret to survive such? It’s fairly simple: practice, practice, practice.

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The old adage “practice makes perfect” doesn’t only apply to sports but to learning engineering as well. Solving problems over and over again makes you better at it. Invest more time on this rather than merely staring at the problems (that’s not solving!). The more problems you solve as a preparation to a quiz or an exam, the more proficient you become in dealing with any kind of engineering problem. It becomes a bit easier for you to decipher future engineering problems having been exposed to different kind of problems by mental exercise.

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When you are already faced with the exam with utmost practice up your sleeves, you wouldn’t have a hard time finishing it, even getting a high score. Familiarity of the problems presented is key, paired with the speed in solving and the ability to work with a calculator. And all of that can be done through practice, practice, practice.

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Practice, Practice, Practice: The Secret to Efficient Engineering Problem Solving

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