Quit That Engineering Job You Hate – Here’s Why

If you quit the engineering job you hate now, you’re less likely to suffer from health problems later.

Science backs that idea to finally quit the engineering job you hate.

Perhaps the thought of quitting your job has crossed your mind at least once in your office or site. The job sucks; the pay sucks even more. For some who really have every reason to hate their engineering jobs, it’s just a matter of handing in the ready resignation letter. There’s now a scientific explanation to why you should finally render that letter to your boss and call it quits.

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If you are no longer happy with your job, consider leaving. This is what a new study by Ohio State University tries to say upon suggesting that hating your job is linked to health problems even for people as young as 40.

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In 1979, Ohio State sociologists listed 6,432 participants aged 14 to 22 in the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NLYS) for them to be examined for outcomes. The participants were asked regularly about their job satisfaction from one to four. After ranking, they were categorized into four in terms of satisfaction when they were 25 to 39 years old:

  • People who started their career happy with their job and stayed happy (15%)
  • People who started unhappy but grew happier (17%)
  • People who started unhappy and stayed unhappy (45%)
  • People who started happy enough but grew less happy as time went on (23%)

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Let’s leave those who started happy and maintained their status. Those who were unhappy throughout their career suffered from depression, sleep problems, excessive worry, emotional problems, and lower overall mental health. The same patterns were gathered from people whose satisfaction trended downward, but didn’t have the same depression and emotional problems.

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On the other hand, people who began their career unhappy but leaned towards the happy side of later were found out to have no measurable harm at all. While the study has no mention about specific employment trends, it’s indicative that if you’re unhappy with your job now, you’re most likely to suffer emotional or psychological problems later

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Quit That Engineering Job You Hate – Here’s Why

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