Relaxing Activities For Engineers Who Need To Take A Break From Work

Don’t have time for a grand vacation but want to take a break from work? We’ve got you covered.

When was the last time you took a break from work? No matter how much you love your work, or believe that no one can do your work better than yourself, it’s important to understand that you need a break too! A few days vacation with your friends or family, travelling with your significant other, or even staying cozy at home for a day or two and just binge watching your favorite TV series.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back from all the toxic and stress from work and give our minds and bodies time to recharge. So that when you’re back in the game, you’ll be more motivated to be your best at work.

Here are some activities you could do during your break that will surely, bring you back in the game more inspired and motivated.


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This may not be for everyone. But believe me, reading is one way to escape your world and enter another. Make sure to read a book whose genre is something you enjoy. Reading for fun is not just plain fun, but it will also boost your imagination. According to researchers at Stanford, they examined people’s brain activity while reading Jane Austen, and found that there was increased blood flow to the regions of the subjects’ brains that are associated with focusing on tasks. Reading can serve as a mental workout to strengthen our ability to pay attention.

Go for a walk

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Vigorous workouts strengthens the body, while leisure strolls strengthens your ability to chill. Walking forces you to clear your thoughts, and will leave you  bit more fit and a lot more calm.


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Some of the best meals that are eaten are those that are made with love at home. You don’t need to be a chef to make something awesome. How many simple online cooking or baking videos have you saved on your phone, promising yourself you’d do it when you got the time, but you actually never got to it? The time is now. Turn on that music and start chopping!

Go Offline

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Try to stay away from emails and social media for three days. It will be more difficult for some, but we promise, there are benefits. Keep your phone alive for emergencies of course. Take time to snap memories in your head rather than taking one for Instagram. According to the National Health Service in the UK, they found that people who take a week off of Facebook showed more overall satisfaction with their lives.

Do Nothing

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In the country I am from, we call this “muni-muni”. Just find a comfortable place to sit and lie down and do nothing. In a while, thoughts of life, and randomness will go through your head trying to sort things out. Let them all go and just focus on your breathing. It’s like a chill version of meditation. A few more minutes and you’ll stop thinking about the bills or the next deadline you need to catch up to. Just a few minutes of resting your brain, will give it a mental vacation, and will leave your brain more rested and relaxed.

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Relaxing Activities For Engineers Who Need To Take A Break From Work

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