Simple Social Skills That Make You A Likeable Engineer

Being liked by your peers can get you far, so stack up on those social skills!

For some people, being likeable seems like a difficult task. We’re just not used to keeping a good first impression, so why even try? Well, you need to know that even as an engineer, you need to be somewhat likeable to be able to be successful. So you eventually have to learn how to do so.

But how do you become a likeable person, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. It all lies on the little things. The small details you do whenever you’re in a conversation. So, to help you out, here are 6 things that’ll help us engineers obtain that “million-dollar personality”.

1)      Maintain eye contact

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It’s hard for someone to like you if they don’t trust you. And it just so happens that the first indicators people subconsciously look for in trust is eye contact. It conveys competence. It’ll look like you’re focusing on them and them alone. It’ll make them think that you consider them and what they have to say important. All just by simply looking at them in the eye.

2)      Smile

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Never, ever forget to smile. This is the simplest, yet most effective way to convey warmth to another person. It’s also a form of body language that people subconsciously mirror. So by smiling and giving positive body language, the other person will probably do the same.

3)      Be enthusiastic

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“Along with a smile, show some enthusiasm and energy, also known as charisma,” says Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, an etiquette and civility expert. “This not only draws people to you, but it is contagious. After spending time with you, people will walk away with a warm and fuzzy feeling, which most likely, they’ll pass on to someone else.”

4)      Actively listen

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People love good listeners. It makes them feel as if what they’re saying is important enough to warrant your full attention. It validates them. So don’t just “hear”, listen. Pay attention to what they say. Paraphrase it, then ask questions about it. Gather all the information you can get from the person before giving out your opinion. Lastly, let them know you heard what they said by giving feedback.

5)      Skip the small talk

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People don’t like to have boring, polite conversations that don’t go anywhere. Instead, get straight to the point, and even get a little vulnerable with the other person. Find a common interest. Not necessarily the same activities, but something that creates similar emotions to the both of you. This’ll help you ease into the conversation better, as well as help the other person relate to you.

6)      Don’t complain too much

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Let’s face it- nobody likes a negative Nancy. Being around negative people can feel draining, and it’ll affect their mood as well. So don’t complain too much about things. Keep that positive and charismatic attitude. Other people’s moods affect ours, and it works the other way around as well.

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Simple Social Skills That Make You A Likeable Engineer

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