How Smart Engineers Handle People They Dislike

First of all, breathe in… breathe out…

If we were in a perfect world, everyone would be nice, considerate, generous, and more. They would laugh at all our jokes and we would do the same. No one would be misunderstood and upset because we understand each other.

However, just like in engineering, ideal situations are only for sample problems. We don’t have a perfect world. There are people who are inconsiderate, question our motives, or just don’t really match our personality.

What really sucks is that, we meet people like these a lot whether it be at your school, your neighbourhood, or at your office. And sometimes, we have to learn to deal with them so they won’t ruin our day. Here are some tips on how smart engineers deal with them.

#1 They accept that they are not going to like everyone.

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Smart engineers know that it’s impossible to please everyone. Smart engineers accept that there will be people who won’t match our personalities. They also understand that disagreements and conflicts are a result of differences in values.

#2 They treat those they don’t like with civility.

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Your attitude towards a person will reflect back to you. If you are rude to a person, they could be rude to you too. So the best way to deal with conflicts is to remain calm, fair, and impartial.

#3 They check their own expectations.

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There are many people who expect too much from others. They expect other people to have the same belief as they do, they expect other people to do act as they would have. This isn’t realistic. We should accept that we are all not in-sync with each other (refer to number 1), and try to understand the other person’s side. Let’s try to adapt our expectations accordingly.

#4 They turn inwards and focus on themselves.

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Smart engineers improve themselves rather than pushing another person to change. They understand that change begins from oneself.

#5 They allow space between them.

If all else fails, and you are not really in-sync with a person with a different personality. It’s smart to put a space between the both of you.


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How Smart Engineers Handle People They Dislike

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