Things Millennial Engineers Should Add to Their New Year’s Resolutions

Are any of these in your list?

The year is almost coming to an end, and one of the most common things people do is to create a list of their New Year’s Resolutions. Creating a New Year’s resolution can be considered a sort of tradition all over the world as a promise or goal for the coming year to better ourselves in all aspects in life. While not everything on this lists gets crossed out, the optimistic feeling of trying to be a better person in the next year gives us hope that we are still trying our best. Here are some of the things that you may want to add on your list, if they are not yet on it.

Financial Freedom

Everyone wants to be financially free, but are we even trying to reach it? It’s good to set this as a goal as it encourages you to save and think about your future financial investments. It’s always a good idea to start saving for your retirement as early as you can.


As engineers, we are always on the go. With all the hours spent working overtime, it can be very stressful and could greatly affect your health. As we get older, our health isn’t the way it used to be when we were younger since we get more susceptible to different illnesses. This is why it’s important to ensure that we are healthy. Invest in good vitamins supplements, go to the gym, or exercise regularly at home. Choose to eat healthier food options.

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As we grow into more mature adults, our priorities change. Adding this into your new year’s resolution will serve as your reminder to know where your priorities lie.


In this world full of toxic people, many of us tend to lash out without thinking twice. It’s important to know that not all problems can be solved through lashing out. It’s always good to practice patience and understanding. For people with anger management issues, it can be difficult, but it’s a good goal


Almost everyone wants to tell their story instead of listen. Listening is a skill that can be used basically everywhere: your job, your home, with your friends, or with your significant other. Listen more, talk less. You’ll be amazed with what you’ve learned everyday.

100 Percent

It’s always a good goal to do your best in everything you do. Give your 100% in things you’ve planned. Whether you fail or succeed, there will be no regrets because you’ve given your absolute best.

Have Fun

While it’s good to work your ass off and do your best at your tasks, never forget to rest and have fun. We all have our limitations and when we get there, we need to step back, breathe and learn how to let go of al the stress once in awhile. Have fun.

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Things Millennial Engineers Should Add to Their New Year’s Resolutions

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