To All the Tired and Demotivated Engineers

There is something you can do about your situation.

There will be a point in our lives when we will feel that we are just too damn tired. Tired of too much work, backstabbing friends, inconsiderate family, failing grades and examinations, recurring sicknesses. Tired of life. If you are one of the millions of demotivated engineers who feels sick and tired, read this!


This is the time in our lives when everything seems to be too blurry, and every step you take is too important that you can’t walk through life without thinking about the thousand if’s that could possibly make or break you.

But remember this: Young engineer, it’s alright. It’s alright to be tired. It’s alright to cry out all your pain. It’s alright to lock yourself in your room and watch all feels movies you can watch. It’s alright to take a step out of reality for a bit.


Stop. Rethink.

Take the time to understand your life and who you really are, and find out what you need. Take a break, as long as you need, but never give up on life! They say life is too precious to waste it on nonsense soul-searching, I say that’s total bullsh*t. What’s the point of going through life everyday if your routine is making you unhappy? What’s the point of going to your 9-5 job everyday without feeling fulfilled when you go home?


When you get to this point in life, you’ll know it’s time to accept that you are tired and start the rethinking process.

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You’re not alone, there are many others fighting their own battles—and you should too. After taking your needed break, get back up and continue being the awesome engineer that you are!

Cielo Santos

Engineer. Writer. Artist. Gamer. Musician. She dreams of building a time machine and help kittens take over the world. Is secretly the pink power ranger in real life.

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To All the Tired and Demotivated Engineers

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