Ways Millennial Engineers Can Uncover Their Talents and Skills

Here are three questions to ponder on to get started.

A few years into your career, you will come to a point where you will ask yourself, “Is this all that is in store for me? I could get a career change, but what skills do I have? What would I be great at doing?”

When you are at the decision point whether you would like to pursue a career change, one of the most difficult parts is finding out what you are great at, other than what you are doing in your current job.

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Everyone has a lot of job-related talents and skills, I am sure of it. You just need to uncover them. Here are three questions to ponder on to get started.

What Do I Love About My Current Career?

Look at all your resumes and browse through all of the jobs and responsibilities you have written down. If you don’t have much on your work experience, think about your school projects and extracurricular activities. Now, highlight the things you like the most. What were your favorite parts about that job?

Also think about other job tasks that aren’t on your resume, but you enjoyed doing. This includes mentoring new employees, organizing company events, leading the employee orientation, etc. Add these too.

All these tasks and activities are most likely tied to some of your greatest strengths. Mentoring new employees show strength in leadership, while organizing company events shows strength in planning and organization.

Ponder on these activities, as these are the first clues to where your next career could be.

Where Do I Lose Track of Time?

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Do you have any hobbies, activities, or tasks that gets so much of your attention that you lose track of time? These could be either aspects of your current job, or they could be home hobbies like blogging, crafting etc.

Think back on those moments and try to recall what was the part of that activity that you loved the most. What kept you so engaged in the moment? Whatever this is, it is most likely tied to a talent or an interest that can become a transferable work-related skill.

What are My Greatest Strengths?

Try to self-reflect, what are your greatest strengths? Be proud and list things that you normally would not say about yourself. Then ask a few of your trusted friends what they find most inspiring about you. If you’re too shy, tell them you’re doing some career exploration and that you value their opinion and feedback.

Now that you have all this information, put them together and see if there is a certain theme. Were you able to decipher the talents and skills you are good at? Do you have a general idea what career could need your skill set? If you have then that’s awesome. If you’re still confused, don’t get pressured to get the answer right now. Take this as a first step and allow yourself to just explore possibilities. Now that you have laid down your skills and talents, you can now focus on what you’re going to do with them next.



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Ways Millennial Engineers Can Uncover Their Talents and Skills

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