How to Work With the 6 Types of Engineer Bosses

Which boss are you working with?

Not every boss is the same. In engineering companies, you will meet different types, each with distinct characteristics.

And when you are new to the companies, it will take some time before you will figure the manager out. Once you are able to categorize which type of engineering boss he or she is, it is time to make the necessary adjustments or work treatments.

Check the 6 types of engineer bosses below as described by psychologist Daniel Goleman and learn how to work with them:

The Visionary

This is the type of engineering boss who knows where to go but does not necessarily know how to get there. For this, he or she needs subordinates to understand the ultimate goal and find the path.

Engineers under this boss only need to show enthusiasm at work by jumping right in. You have to a grasp of what the boss wants to happen – say to complete a project – and help him realize how to do it by suggesting what do.

The Coach

It is fairly easy to identify a “coach”” type of engineering boss. He or she motivates employees so that goals are met. This is done through challenging conversations.

For this, to be able to work well with a coach, you have to trust him or her with your issues so that he or she will be able to help you out. And when you make mistakes, own and take responsibility for it. Your engineering manager will help you along the way.

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The Affiliative Boss

When your boss focuses on the employees’ emotional needs to get out of stressful situations, you have this kind of boss. They solve problems by creating connections and harmony within the company.

You are lucky when you have this boss because you will be able to build strong relationships with your colleagues this way. However, it is important that working under this boss requires you to keep your emotions in check.

The Democratic Boss

This is the type of boss who gathers input from each of the engineering employees to achieve company goals and meet deadlines. What this boss focuses on is collaboration and consensus.

When you have this kind of boss, you must give your honest opinion in meetings as well as listen to your colleagues carefully.

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The Commander

Perhaps the most toxic type of engineering boss, the commander is all about executing plans according to his or her will, regardless if you agree with them or not.

As a consequence, you are bound to follow everything that is asked of you. You have to focus on getting results rather than merely completing tasks.

The Pacesetter

A boss of this kind is the one who sets challenges for the team and expects that there will be outcomes. He or she is not afraid to work hard, or do tasks even outside his or her scope, just to save the team from failing.

To work with a pacesetter effectively, engineers only need to work hard and do what is best in all aspects. You are also supposed to ask for clarification when necessary and more importantly, share progress reports.

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How to Work With the 6 Types of Engineer Bosses

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