Big 5 and the Bigger Future Ahead of Us   

One gathering. One thousand and more companies. One Big Day for Innovation. The Big 5 is here!

One gathering. One thousand and more companies. One Big Day for Innovation. The Big 5 is here!

The Largest Engineering & Construction Event in the Middle East

Bringing forth the biggest convergence of more than 130 countries, Dubai, the land known for its lush and stunning cityscapes will host yet the grandest celebration of innovative ideas known not just to the Middle East but to the entire world.

The Big 5, a one-of-a-kind event and an opportunity of a lifetime for the biggest manufacturing companies from around the world to gain access to the ever-thriving Middle East construction market will once again happen this November. This month’s issue will feature what awaits to those who will have the chance to grace the exclusive event and why you should go ahead and get yourself a ticket.

Engineering / Construction Sector

Brewing the hottest and most diverse discussions, presentations, and exhibit of products, Dubai will bear witness to a parade of excellence to bring only the best for the market in equipment, solutions, and energy cost.

Covering the five most vibrant sectors in the construction business arena, this event is to die for whether you’re new to the playing field, a startup or an investor.

And while there is a must for an extra shove for producing diverse yet effective miles for the construction industry, The Big 5 which has been offering a big space of reference and opportunities, also opens the doors for women empowerment and disrupting the norms about the labor force, thus developing platforms for more ideas and new standards.

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Aside from this, The Big 5 with its educational series immerses itself into looking what the stakeholders and the people need in the advancing times.

The Leader

In this magazine, Josine Heijmans, the Portfolio Director of The Big 5, will share the celebration of its achievements in upholding new technology to support the construction market’s professionals and leaders with great productivity and affordable solutions to their projects.

Moreover, this will also feature the hopes of The Big 5 for knowledgeable community for construction and its pursuit for the future of the industry.

Now closing to its 40th year anniversary, we can only be excited for more as Heijmans announces how this event will unfold a new chapter for Dubai putting it 10 years ahead of any other city.



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Big 5 and the Bigger Future Ahead of Us   

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