Climate Change Is Real And It’s Coming

Through science and engineering, we can work together to protect the planet and protect ourselves. You and I can make a difference if we all work on it NOW!

Featuring in this month’s issue is one of the world’s famous environmental activists, Leonardo DiCaprio. We’ve seen him in blockbuster movies and we’ve heard of his passionate fight against climate change. The award-winning actor is continuously working with different organizations to combat climate change, protecting the environment and educating people of the effects of global warming. His advocacies have inspired millions to contribute in helping the planet and in our cover story, we’ll explore what got him inspired and what he is up to now.

In our pursuit to discuss climate change, we have asked for the help of experts from different companies such as REN21, GWEC, WBA, EESI, ISES, Renewables 100, microSOLAR and EKOenergy to discuss the issue and express their opinions on the crucial fight against climate change.

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Climate Change Is Real And It’s Coming

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