Concrete and Cement Trends that are Sweeping the Planet

Indestructible: Cement and Concrete Innovation as Building Blocks of Sustainable Future

Indestructible: Cement and Concrete Innovation as Building Blocks of Sustainable Future

Name a more iconic material than cement that can last a lifetime.

Stones, steel, or bricks may be considered competitive enough to beat this construction material but looking around anywhere, cement is a very dominant feature of the contemporary world. Historical churches, landmarks, and other structures are restored using concrete to make these heritages endure harsh environmental conditions.

The discovery of cement has led to different victories in history as people have used this material to build bridges, walls, fortresses or canals that have served as strategic locations to defeat opponents in war. More than that, cement manufacturing has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world because the demand for it will never vanish.

Despite the superiority of this material in the engineering industry, particularly in the construction industry, it has also drawn flak from different sectors because of the failure of numerous companies to halt the persistent negative effects of manufacturing cement in the environment. It’s never an issue that is easy to address but taking a step forward would definitely make a big difference.

Just recently, the World Cement Association (WCA) has launched a manifesto that they are adhering with the Paris Climate Agreement to keep the world temperature below 2℃. The organization wants to help businesses and companies to invest in ‘green’ or sustainable cement to cut carbon emissions, considering that the industry is one of the contributors of greenhouse gases.

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Before this, several companies have turned their sustainability mode on and has envisioned to keep their companies divert to sustainable and renewable developments. With this, cement will not only become a strong foundation for construction but also for a greener future.

In this feature, we will get to know how innovation in concrete and cement manufacturing can change the shape of the industry. Sustainable cement, as a more eco-friendly construction material, can become one of the solutions to climate change. Be amazed by what this innovation can do to the engineering field by flipping through the pages.

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All of that and more from this issue. Cheers to you, engineer!


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Concrete and Cement Trends that are Sweeping the Planet

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