Civil Engineers Can Transform Lives Around the World by Institution of Civil Engineers

Those Who Forged Our Civilization

Those Who Forged Our Civilization: An Introduction to Institution of Civil Engineers story.

Anyone can build a house and call it home, but only a few people can engineer and lead a society of great advancement and sophistication.

Civil engineers have helped shape the world in which we live. Ironically, many people are not familiar of what they do in the real world. In this feature, we will attempt to give a glimpse on the various roles that they play in securing a better future not only for our children but also for our planet.

For centuries, civil engineers have been instrumental in transforming people’s lives and the society at large. Their work has been pivotal to the core of any civilized nation in the modern world. They are the people behind almost any structure that we see in the physical world – from buildings, to subways, and even water canals – they are the ones who made our world, in their own way, a better place to live in.

With the bicentenary of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), it takes pride in its long history of raising public awareness of all the ways that civil engineering directly impacts people’s lives. This issue will give you a sneak peek of their Invisible Superheroes exhibition, a rare opportunity for young people and families to virtually experience the world of civil engineering.

As far as sustainability is concerned, civil engineers are also expected to have their say. There is no limit to their ambitions in responding to the needs of the society, and so in this issue is the great unveiling of ICE’s efforts in providing a platform to elevate the level of discussions among leaders in the field and in channeling their commitment to take up global challenges.

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Thank you to Prof. Lord Robert Mair, President of ICE for sharing your story with GineersNow Construction Leaders magazine editorial team.

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Civil Engineers Can Transform Lives Around the World by Institution of Civil Engineers

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