KBR Technologies and Strategies in Engineering and Construction

We have an exclusive interview with Jay Ibrahim, the President of KBR in EMEA region as he shares the strategy and technology behind the company’s success.

For this month’s cover story, we have an exclusive interview with Jay Ibrahim, the President of KBR in EMEA region as he shares the strategy, the technology and the people behind the company’s success in Europe, Middle East and Africa. With 22 years of professional experience in the region, he gives us an overview of how the company executes its plans of expansion in the area and identifies the best practices to build a high performance culture, strengthened leadership and supervision and empowered people within KBR. Learn more about KBR’s iconic projects in EMEA and its innovation in process technology. Lastly, get the chance to know the company’s President as he shares a glimpse of his personal life.

For our special feature, learn more about how KEO is exploring sustainability and innovation as it takes on the climate change challenge. In this interview with Holley Chant, the company’s Executive Director of Corporate Sustainability and Commissioning, she discusses the challenge of achieving a Zero Net Energy building in the Gulf region. She also shares the company’s unique challenges in the desert, its initiatives, interests and influences,  and the latest innovations on its radar.

Find out the sustainable construction trends this year and know if modular construction will be the future of buildings. Learn more about structural design and how it is playing a crucial role in building construction and read more about Manlift’s invitation for all construction leaders to attend their open house event.

In this issue, we have also prepared special articles for you to become instantly better at work! For those who feel that they don’t see any growth in their careers, find out what to do to improve your situation. Learn what mistakes you should avoid when planning and managing a project. Create the best project portfolio to boost your career in engineering and follow these nine rules that every practicing engineer shouldn’t miss at work!

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We all know work can be too exhausting for everyone. So go ahead, start flipping through these pages. Read entertaining engineering stories, get updated with the latest news and learn from the industry’s best with GineersNow: Construction Leaders!

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KBR Technologies and Strategies in Engineering and Construction

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