Architects will Takeover the HVAC Industry Using Bioclimatic Architecture

Bioclimatic Architecture Onwards: Rebirth of a Sustainability Champion

Bioclimatic Architecture Onwards: Rebirth of a Sustainability Champion

The HVACR industry has long since been a partner in giving people a comfortable way of living. Air conditioning units, in particular, are very in-demand products in the tropical parts of Asia. Many people cannot survive a day without an aircon open especially during summer when the temperature could rise to 40℃ and higher.

However, it is also one of the industries being blamed for environmental degradation. Well, almost all industries have a fair share in the prevalence of climate change but the HVACR industry have crossed the line especially during the time when the use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) became rampant.

Many strategies in the sector have been developed to counter the negative effects of the products made. Refrigerators and air-cons are now using inverter energy to lower energy consumption. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which is said to be unharmful to the ozone layer, are now being widely used to completely replace CFCs.

Despite these actions, it seems that these improvements only mask the sector to become a “slightly better” version. The world today, facing the onslaught of a 2℃ increase in temperature, does not need that kind of deal. The choice to progress on product delivery was good but there is definitely something better than that.

Bioclimatic architecture, which was introduced even before air conditions, is a promising feat in the architecture industry. This type of architecture is climate-responsive as it integrates design and ventilation to provide the maximum comfort people can experience without utilizing an artificial ventilation system. It is indeed a cost-efficient solution for a sustainable future.

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In this feature, we will elaborate on how Bioclimatic Architecture can make a positive impact on the world’s sustainable energy goals. The potentials of this innovation will be analyzed and companies investing in this development will be cited.

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All of that and more from this issue. Cheers to you, engineer!

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Architects will Takeover the HVAC Industry Using Bioclimatic Architecture

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