The Best HVACR Stories Of 2017

In HVACR Leaders, don’t miss out on the individuals and companies we’ve featured in our cover stories in the past seven months!

A lot went on this year – not only for the engineering community but also for our humble company. Having operated for two years already, different changes were made to cater to different engineers in different industries. From launching GineersNow Community to GineersNow TV, our company wants every engineer to stay connected with other people who share the same passion as them and get exclusive contents from the leaders of today’s top companies and organizations. One important milestone we’ve achieved this year is launching a new concept for our magazine: publishing five magazines every month. Each magazine caters to a specific industry: Construction, Renewable Energy, Power and Water, HVACR and Oil and Gas. While this may be too much for others, here in GineersNow, we do our best to get everyone connected and updated with today’s latest trends in different industries.

For the month of December, we’ve compiled the best feature stories of the year. In case you’ve missed our exclusive interviews with the world leaders in their respective engineering fields the past seven months, now is the chance to catch up, get to know them and feel inspired by their journeys. In HVACR Leaders, don’t miss out on the individuals and companies we’ve featured in our cover stories: Danfoss, International District Energy Association, Institute of Refrigeration, Rubber World Industries, Drake & Scull International, ASHRAE, and Johnson Controls.

We’ve also prepared the best leadership stories to make you the best versions of yourselves at work. Find out if you are smarter than the average engineer. Read the top 10 tips CEOs have shared to make an engineer climb one’s career ladder and reach the top. Learn why rejection can help you with your careers and know which master skills do you need to get promoted. Lastly, allow our simple guide to help you become the best engineer at work!

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So this holiday season, take a break from your job. Celebrate with family and friends and on your down time, flip through the pages of our digital magazine. Read entertaining engineering stories, get updated with the latest news and learn from the industries’ best with GineersNow: HVACR Leaders!


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The Best HVACR Stories Of 2017

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