Building Automation Trends for HVAC Professionals

These trends are steps closer to achieving a more sustainable form of living where facilities are more energy efficient

Building Automation Trends

While the world is diving deeper into this technology-rich era, it seems like building automation is among the bottom list of the industries that have adopted this revolutionary change. There are relatively fewer innovations and technological breakthroughs in the building automation industry compared to the numerous consumer products such as mobile phones and televisions that are starting to penetrate the market today.

Thankfully, a handful of bright minds had begun to involve the industry in this development. There are already a few surfacing ideas that have proven to be long-term solutions to the industry’s age-old problems. Building automation for HVAC is starting to actualize the concepts of machine learning, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and even Cloud Computing into their own systems, eventually building the foundation of smart cities and maybe even smart countries.

The concepts mentioned are not technically new to the field. In fact, we all may have heard about these ideas at least or twice in our lifespan. They have been invented and conceptualized since the past decade or so but are not fully implemented and utilized in the industry today. All they are doing now is waiting for the right industry to turn them into value-generating services. This is where building automation comes into play.

It may not be evident now, but these trends are steps closer to achieving a more sustainable form of living where facilities are more energy efficient, low-emission, and maybe even controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Our end goal is to provide better services and more environment-conscious facilities to the world. Seeing that the HVACR industry of building automation, along with other sectors with the same motive, are taking the necessary steps to this kind of improvement makes us want to look forward to the near future.

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Building Automation Trends for HVAC Professionals

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