The HVACR Trends This 2018

Learn the forecast and find out how technology can influence the HVACR Industry in terms of marketing, business operations, as well as making data focused decisions.

It’s a brand new year and we’re happy to say GineersNow has gone a long way since it was launched two years ago. From entertaining our readers with our featured stories to giving them the latest updates about several industry trailblazers, we have continued to gather important information to help every engineer who crosses our path.

We have published several magazines earlier last year – focusing on five important industry fields such as renewables, HVACR, oil and gas, construction and power and water. On November, we’ve added a new magazine on our digital shelves – GineersNow: Social Impact Leaders, where we talk about several individuals and organizations who made an impact in their communities. We have also launched GineersNow Community where engineers can write their own stories and share important details about their work, their inventions and their ideas.

Now, as we start a brand new year, we are looking forward to bring you more exciting stories, more featured articles and more important news that create an impact on our communities wherever we are in the world. This month, read the up-and-coming trends on the HVACR industry this 2018! Learn the forecast and find out how technology can influence the HVACR Industry in terms of marketing, business operations, as well as making data focused decisions.

Don’t get left behind with the latest news on the industry. Read more about the double-digit growth in HVACR trade between Turkey and UAE. Learn more about Mitsubishi Electric and Con Edison’s collaboration for New York State Clean Energy Initiative. Lastly, get updated on UAE’s SKM as it launched its first line of chillers in the Middle East equipped with Honeywell Solstice ZE Refrigerant.

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In this issue, we also haven’t forgotten to include special articles to help engineers create a fresh new start for themselves. Whether you want to go the extra mile to be better at what you do at work or you just want to find a way to balance your work with your passions, we’ve got you covered. Learn important tech skills and find out what qualities your team must have to become an effective group. If you’re an engineer who wants to gain new skills, learn more about these strategies to help you achieve that goal. We have also prepared questions you need to ask yourself as a form of self-assessment if you’re losing the drive to pursue your career goals. For every engineer who is going through their own challenges at work, we have stories for each one of you.

Our company still has a long way to go before we become the most preferred source of news and featured stories for engineers but we’re slowly starting to leave a mark in the engineering industry. So go ahead, scroll through our pages and learn the latest news, find out more about this year’s trends and get inspired with our featured articles. Start the year right with GineersNow: HVACR Leaders.

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The HVACR Trends This 2018

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