Oil and Gas Facilities Cyber Attacks

What oil & gas facilities should do to prevent such a catastrophic incident

The Potential Threats of Cyber Attacks – what oil & gas facilities should do to prevent such a catastrophic incident.

Online attack is one threat that we face in today’s highly digital life. If we do not take the necessary caution to secure our data, this can be stolen by hackers.

The energy, chemical, petroleum, oil and gas industry are at risk to cybersecurity threats because of the critical role they play in our economy, which can cause those with political interests to hack the system.

Despite this, a university research study found that 68 percent of oil and gas company respondents have experienced security attacks and that they believe that other attacks may have been gone unrecorded. Meanwhile, another study predicted that cyber-attacks to oil and gas companies may result to losses amounting to $1.87 billion in 2018.

This is why it is important that oil and gas companies look back to their systems and identify possible threats. Here are some risks that your company may have that you have not noticed yet:

Lack of Training and Awareness

It is important that employees undergo seminars and trainings that will make them understand the importance of cybersecurity and the risks involved if they do even just a single thing wrong.


Sometimes, we think that the cheaper deal is the better deal. This should not be the mindset because too much cost cutting can result to even bigger losses. Outdated control systems, for example, can be an easy target for hackers because they do not have the security features that updated ones have.

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Plant Shutdown

If in case the plant shuts down, a security protocol should already be in place. Sometimes, other unforeseen happenings can call for evacuation from the premises so it is important that a remote security system is also established.

Other risks such as insufficient data network separation, unsecured data rooms, and on shore and off shore facilities are also discussed in this article.

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Oil and Gas Facilities Cyber Attacks

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