2019 Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Energy Trending Stories

From oil rig automation robots to the most difficult drilling projects

Energy Trending Stories


For the past 12 months, GineersNow editorial team were able to published thought provoking articles pertaining to the Oil & Gas industry.

From oil rig automation robots to the most difficult drilling projects, we have written articles that everyone enjoyed reading.

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Here are the best stories that went viral in the past 12 months.


2019 Energy, Chemicals, Oil and Gas Forecast

Despite the setbacks faced by the industry, there is still room for expectations this coming 2019. It is inevitable that the industry will eventually come back to its former glory, thus, all should watch out for possible trends that would come forth once the oil and gas industry recovers.


Oil and Gas’ Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

In this specific case study, I have listed the top 30 largest oil and gas companies in the world. What language, keywords and phrases do they use on their websites, blogs, socials and press releases. In my honest opinion, if you understand the language of the oil & gas industry, then you can create an SEO-friendly & compelling inbound marketing content.


The Impact of Blockchain in the Oil and Gas Industry

The blockchain technology can help improve workflow management, reduce operational losses, enhance operational performance and service delivery. It will also have an impact on the supply chain management for better management of the flow of goods and services.


Cyber Attacks on Oil & Gas Facilities

Despite this, a university research study found that 68 percent of oil and gas company respondents have experienced security attacks and that they believe that other attacks may have been gone unrecorded. Meanwhile, another study predicted that cyber-attacks to oil and gas companies may result to losses amounting to $1.87 billion in 2018.

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We Need More Women in the Energy Industry

This gender imbalance in the oil and gas industry is both alarming and highly non-profitable. Most refiners did not realize this until the crude price crash in the market some years ago. Because of the sudden change of the game, the firms thought of changing their business models as well: to accommodate more women into the workforce and to inspire them to stay by adding extra incentives and facilities that were missing before. Several refiners are even promoting women to executive positions and boosting women leadership to prevail in the organization.


Like Oil and Water: The Oil Industry and Millennials

The older executives of various industries and millennials are vastly different—while the former believes that the money earned is the primary concern for all job hunters, millennials want to affiliate themselves in a work environment that does not compromise the planet and the environment in any way. Millennials also want to leave a world-changing mark upon humanity and uphold the tenants of sustainability. That is why, despite the big salaries that come with working in oil and gas, millennials are turning away from these corporations.


New Energy Industry Employees – The Millennials

Millennials have a drastically different outlook on what they expect from their employment experience. They are well educated, skilled in technology, very self-confident, able to multi-task, and have plenty of energy. They have high expectations for themselves and prefer to work in teams, rather than as individuals.


The Latest Petroleum Mobile Technology

With the constant rise of smartphone ownership comes the continuous surge of various apps to go with it. Apps have found a way to integrate themselves in every aspect of our lives, may it be for paying your bills, shopping online, or entertaining yourself. In fact, there is a dedicated app for almost everything nowadays. While most of these are usually used for fun and entertainment, we can never deny that there are also a plethora of mobile apps that serve their purpose in the fieldwork of various industries.

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Blake Moret, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation

Joining the company in 1985 as a sales trainee, Blake Moret worked his way up the ladder and pioneered many innovations in his leadership. It is this personal experience that he learned the three major trends driving today’s industrial environment—the rise of the middle class in emerging economies, the growing need of more digital natives and tech-savvy workers who can quickly take the reins of any tool and system-dependent task, and globalization itself.


When Petroleum Robots Take Over the Industry

As oil companies move out of their conventional oilfields, the risk and hazards drastically increase. Offshore oil locations, although capable of supplying the majority of the oil demand of the globe, pose a considerable risk for human workers. So instead of deploying humans to explore and inspect these sites, automated robots are now set on the oil hunting journey.


The Latest Oil and Gas Trends with BAUER Compressors

Bauer Kompressoren’s TankSafe Nitrogen Blanketing System. This ingenious system creates a nitrogen blanket layer inserting the headspace of tanks to prevent the risk of explosion and reduce tank corrosion. With state-of-the-art products such as the OE13, Rigforce, Bauer NGM, SNGH, and Nitromax, Bauer Kompressoren aims to make the oil and gas industry safer for each employee under its belt.

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2019 Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Energy Trending Stories

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