The Rise of Transformational Robotics in the Oil and Gas Industry

Transformational Robotics: A Step-up in the Oil and Gas Industry

Transformational Robotics: A Step-up in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies are looking forward to decreasing accidents and fatalities in the workplace but how far can they really go?

According to a research made by the NIOSH National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) Oil and Gas Sector Council in the US, there were 602 incidents of accidents in the oil and gas extraction sector that resulted in multiple injuries including amputation. Occupational hazards are inevitable but organizations are calling out for extended support and prevention for the welfare of engineers and other employees.

Safety is one of the major corporate obligations, however, it is a battle that companies keep on losing. Whilst there are different methods done by corporations to keep a zero percent on this toll, it seems that the list will keep getting bigger if companies will not innovate with their ways dealing with the said dilemma.

And when innovation is said, it means a technological leap. How come that engineering is one of the industries behind the development of robotics, yet it has not fully embraced the potential it can make in reducing the risks in most of its sectors. Today has seen the possibilities of transformational robotics as one of the world’s greatest problem-solvers if and only if companies will invest in it.

Yes, humans are always susceptible to harm even though how much they try to stay away. But we can never ignore the fact that transformational robotics can aid humans in the workplace which is much cost-efficient and reliable in every way. A hard pill to swallow perhaps, but it will definitely do good more than faulty.

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More than that, highly environmental robots are being developed. They are not only made to address hazardous labors in the field but can also contribute to lessening the footprint of the conventional systems.

With the rise of transformational robotics in the oil and gas industry, there is only a safer and brighter future we can hope for.

In this feature, we will know how robotics is transforming the oil and gas industry. Robots, as a multi-faceted technology, can become a permanent solution to the ever-changing needs and increasing demands of this generation. Be amazed by what these robots can contribute in engineering by flipping through the pages.

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All of that and more from this issue. Cheers to you, engineer!

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The Rise of Transformational Robotics in the Oil and Gas Industry

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