Antonio Cammisecra: Meet The CEO Of Enel Green Power

We are featuring Enel Green Power, one of the best-positioned operators in the renewable energy sector, and its CEO, Antonio Cammisecra.

This November, we are featuring Enel Green Power (EGP) and its CEO, Antonio Cammisecra. EGP is fully committed to energy production from renewable energy sources and it is recognized as one of the best-positioned and more successful operators in the renewable energy sector at the worldwide level. Learn more about the company as it shares its goals, latest achievements and how the company imagines the future with renewable energy will look like for everyone.

We’ve also featured interesting stories for you: A student created a zero-waste structure grown from mushrooms. You can quench your thirst with this sustainable water bottle that you can eat as well. An edible sensor was developed to keep your food fresh. A group of scientists recently made food from electricity. Lastly, Japan created a unique wave that catches turbines to gather power.

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So take the time to relax and be updated with the latest news on today’s oil and gas industry. Find out the latest trends in this dynamic industry as it shifts towards a sustainable future. Enjoy learning from the industry’s best with GineersNow: Renewable Green Leaders!

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Antonio Cammisecra: Meet The CEO Of Enel Green Power

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