Green Building in Asia: How Singapore is Spearheading Sustainability

Growing Green Movement

Singapore Green Building


The Green Movement is not a new movement or direction in life, and now that we are in a new decade, the decision to go green, be eco-friendly, and care for our environment has never been more important.

However, this translates to far more than just reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic bottles or planting more trees. This calls for a total integration of green products, principles, and processes into entire careers and industries.

In Asia, this is being done in the urban building industry to offset any city pollution and the efforts are being spearheaded by Singapore.

Energy Efficient

Following their example, different Asian developers are building more energy-efficient buildings in order to combat climate change and undo their own pollution, as they acknowledge that the giant content that is Asia is home to about 60% of the world’s population, and 21 of the world’s 35 megacities, urban clusters with over 10 million people.

Growing Green Movement

Some examples are: South Korea also has its own green building certification system called the Green Standard for Energy and Environmental Design (G-SEED) that requires big buildings to be first assessed as eco-friendly before being erected, India is creating a Solar City program, China has the Green Building Action Plan, requiring all public buildings, public residential buildings, and commercial buildings with a gross floor area greater than 20,000sqm to achieve at least one star in the China Green Building Evaluation Standard, and Japan has an unbeatable recycling system.

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Going Green

One would think that Asia, being a step or two behind the Western countries, would not be able to keep up in the movement of going green. However, as it is proven by Singapore, South Korea, India, China, and Japan, it is more than possible (easy, in fact), if an entire country puts their hearts and minds to it. That is why there is hope for other Asian countries, Philippines included, in this new decade.

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Green Building in Asia: How Singapore is Spearheading Sustainability

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