CHINT’s Chairman Nan Cunhui: A Dream Chaser On Today’s World Economic Stage

On this month’s cover story, meet the man behind Asia’s largest electrical manufacturing company, Chairman NAN Cunhui of CHINT Group.

On this month’s cover story, meet the man behind Asia’s largest electrical manufacturing company, Chairman NAN Cunhui of CHINT Group. Learn how he came a dream chaser on the world’s economic stage, the business logic behind the development of CHINT, the advantages of the entire industrial electrical supply chain and CHINT in globalization.

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  1. They have a good product and we are using it.

    Marcelo Balansay
    Electrical Engineer
    Al Habtoor Leighton Group

  2. A couple of years ago, a research team in MIT succeeded to wirelessly transfer power 60 watts for 2 meters with an efficiency of 40%

    Saad Ahmad
    Electrical Engineer

  3. Electrical engineering affects a broad array of manufacturing systems, machines, communications networks, and transportation vehicles.

    Rajkumaran Krishnan
    Electrical Engineer
    WS Atkins partners & Overseas

  4. The worldwide electrical and electronics industry is the most flourishing and extremely diversified sector.

    Ajay Patrick Lobo
    Chief Electrical Engineer

  5. What trends offer opportunities on the market for electronics and electrical engineering?

    vipan kumar
    Electrical Engineer
    Petrofac International ltd , UAE

  6. The field now covers a range of sub-disciplines including those that deal with renewable power.

    Engr. Fahad Tariq
    Electrical Engineer
    Al Jaber Energy Services

  7. A career in electrical engineering and renewable power has endless possibilities.

    Romar Bayhon
    Electrical Engineer/Supervisor
    Dubai World

  8. How many warranty years for Chint products?

    Illyas Muhamed
    Electrical Design Engineer
    KEO International Consultants

  9. It should be synchronization or paralleling of generators.

    Adrian King
    Electrical Section Engineer
    First Gen Hydro Power Corporation

  10. What is the projected number of electrical and electronic engineering technicians in the renewable sector?

    Ahmad Al-Hindi
    Electrical Service Engineer

  11. Where is the office of Chint in Uganda?

    Electrical Engineer
    Ourano Engineering Services Limited

  12. Good report about renewable materials in power.

    Azhar Jabbar
    Lead Electrical Engineer Ports, Marine & Infrastructure

  13. I doubt if the number of electrical engineers in the renewable declined. It should go up.

    Cesar Bravo
    Professional Electrical Engineer/Electrical Consultant

  14. Who is the distributor of Chint in Egypt?

    Yehia Shaker
    Electrical Engineer
    Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company

  15. Is there Chint in Nepal? where?

    Prakash Bhusal
    O&M officer/Electrical Engineer
    Manakamana darsan pvt ltd (manakamana cable car)

  16. We used some chint products here in malaysia. I think its a good product and durable.

    Electrical Lead Engineer

  17. I wonder if the quality and price of chint is competitive compared to ducab?

    Ahmed AlMenhali
    Sr. Project Engineer at Electrical and Instrumentation Section
    National Petroleum

  18. Chint in Singapore has an excellent customer service. I agree with all the comments.

    Lyndon Lerias
    Senior Engineer, Electrical
    BW Offshore

  19. It is mainly focused on environmental and security issues, has increased the demand for intelligent and efficient products.

    Waleed Ibrahim
    Senior Electrical Engineer

  20. Renewable power consists is a combination of electricians, scientists, electronics engineers, electrical engineers, electronics company and researchers

    Tasadaq Hussain
    Senior Electrical Engineer
    Jawar Alkhaleej Shipping LLC Dubai

  21. It is hard to think of a machine or generator without a microchip in it somewhere.

    Michael Badawy
    Electrical Engineer

  22. How about remote sensing and satellite communication?

    Darragh Smith
    Principal Electrical Engineer
    WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff in the Middle East

  23. Can you also interview my company in Dubai? They are a good company from China.

    Mohammad Tariq Khan
    Electrical Engineer- OIA Residence Project ( Union Properties)

  24. Renewables in the power sector has come a long way.

    Bassel Naffa
    Electrical Engineer
    BH.NS Engineering consultants

  25. Who is the distributor of chint in Saudi Arabia?

    Mark Anthony Manalo
    Electrical Design Engineer
    Saudi Arabia Kentz Co.Ltd. Member of SNC-Lavalin Group

  26. The oldest version of electrical engineering, the generation of power, is still a large field.

    margarette ramirez
    Associate Electrical Design Engineer

  27. Now, the transfer range and the efficiency levels are increasing on a startling pace.

    Ahmed Seddik
    Senior Electrical Engineer
    RINA Consulting (formerly D’Appolonia)

  28. The same goes for electrical engineering technicians since they aren’t just limited to one field.

    Syed Saquib
    Electrical Engineer

  29. As consumers upgrade their gadgets at an increasing pace, the amount of electronic waste we generate continues to mount.

    Jonathan Joseph
    Electrical Engineer
    Greenlight Power Inc

  30. we are surrounded by electronic devices.

    Ramesh Kumar
    Senior Electrical Engineer (Project Engineering Department)
    Vanderlande Industries

  31. I saw this post in apple news and linkedin. i really like the comments.

    Emam Kanaan
    Electrical Engineer
    Drake & Scull International PJSC

  32. For sure, there has been a recession, continuing high unemployment, although overall renewable power employment has been rising.

    Danish Nasim
    Senior Electrical Engineer

  33. Very interesting to see how this man build his company to billion dollar success.
    Very good story.
    but where is their office in dubai?

    Mohammed Z. K. AlSek
    Senior Electrical Engineer
    Chief Contracting L.L.C // Secure Engineering

CHINT’s Chairman Nan Cunhui: A Dream Chaser On Today’s World Economic Stage

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