From $700 to Multi-Million Dollar Company: The Story of Zhongli Group, Talesun

How a Phoenix was Reborn from Ash: The Story of Talesun, Zhongli Group

How a Phoenix was Reborn from Ash: The Story of Talesun, Zhongli Group

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones—Confucius.

Overshadowed by the hard realities of life, Wang Baixing rose above the tides as he established Tangshi Cable Factory in 1988 with RMB 5000 out of his own pocket. This month’s issue features the humble beginnings and the recent developments of Baixing’s Zhongli Group, a top 500 private company and a top ten independent innovation enterprise in China.

Product innovation has remained in Zhongli Group’s core right from the very start. Since that fateful day, the business grew from producing cable alone to covering five high-end manufacturing industries at present. Shortly after eight years since it began its operations, they have already hit 70% of China’s domestic market share. For a relatively new business, this may sound a really incredible feat!

As commented by Baixing himself, continuously developing new products to tailor-fit the individual needs of industries is the key to Zhongli Group’s recent achievements. Talk about a Steve Jobs moment – a leader with a vision of catering to the actual needs of industries.

This issue also talked about how Baixing built his manufacturing empire, its history as well as the challenges he faced across time. Among these challenges is when an overcapacity in the PV industry resulted to a price slump. As a firm believer of the industry, he simply did not retreat. Now that’s a mark of a true entrepreneur.

Aside from these, this issue also chronicled his endeavor in creating innovative ways in PV poverty alleviation, making it a brilliant career in extending his influence in the countryside.

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On the other hand, as a bonus for this month’s release, we are to give you a peek featuring different facets of the life of an engineer—starring hard facts in the professional work environment, life hacks and useful leadership guide.

In contrary to what most people think, engineers around the globe also face massive layoffs from the workforce of various industries. Finding a new job may not be as easy as it seems, but here, we present you solutions that will definitely increase your chances to survive your first week in a new engineering job.

Truth be told, no matter how promising a new job can be, you will always encounter inconvenient truths especially in engineering careers. The profession is not perfect per se but definitely it is worthy of your investment. Here you will also read that with the right people around you coupled with perseverance and strong determination, all will fall into its proper place. But again, there is no formula to success. Still, cheers to you, engineer!

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From $700 to Multi-Million Dollar Company: The Story of Zhongli Group, Talesun

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