The Social Impact of Lensational: Social Change Via Photography

On our first issue, Social Impact Leaders magazine is featuring Bonnie Chiu, Forbes 30 Under 30 alumni, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Lensational.

The mission of GineersNow is to spread awareness of good deeds of engineers, scientists, tech innovators and change makers who are creating a social impact in their respective communities. I have outlined the entire ecosystem and future of GineersNow on our first magazine issue (click here) and we have shown how marketing can contribute to global development. After an impressive 220 million reach and 24 million engagement, we are now on the second phase of our evolution, that is… to introduce the concept of social impact to our audience.

After 22 months of operation, it’s now time to tell the world that there are better ways of doing business… better ways of delivering projects… better ways of building technologies… and better ways of managing organizations. Social Impact Leaders magazine will tackle global problems, local challenges and new business paradigms. We are certain that our readers will not only gain technical knowledge, but become inspired by the stories of people who are pioneering social innovation, impact investing and global development.

GineersNow: Social Impact Leaders is a platform for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, individuals and business organizations to showcase their projects, missions and impacts. You do not need to be an engineer or a scientist to be included in this magazine.  What we are looking for is the drive, passion and ambition of those people who are solving the most complex problems of humanity. If you and your organization are tackling the world’s challenging problems like (not limited to) poverty, education, water irrigation, rural electrification, diversity & inclusion, women empowerment, climate change, malaria or even cancer, this is your magazine.

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Everyone who is pioneering or creating a pattern-breaking social change can be featured in Social Impact Leaders magazine. Whether you are a social entrepreneur, non-profit, philanthropist, benefit corporation, ethical fashionista, cause-marketing leader, teacher, student, scientist, incubator, accelerator or a startup social business owner, you can submit your inspiring story and we will publish them.

On our first issue, Social Impact Leaders magazine is featuring Bonnie Chiu in our front cover story. I met Bonnie in London while meeting up with various British Social Entrepreneurs back in 2014. Her social enterprise, Lensational is disrupting the stock photography industry by empowering women using camera. They donate cameras to the less fortunate families, train them to shoot stunning images, upload on their website, and anyone can purchase the images online. It’s like buying from Getty Images or Shutterstock with a social impact benefit. Lensational has an impressive array of images which are unique, exclusive  and exceptionally stunning. Lensational’s women empowerment not only helped families in the poorest areas in the world, but they also created an entire ecosystem that will bring out families from poverty. Because of the success of Lensational, Bonnie has been chosen by Forbes magazine as one of their 30 Under 30 pioneers.

We are also featuring several stories about different technologies, science, business disruptions and the environment. Find out how supermodel Karlie Kloss is empowering young girls through “koding”. Learn more about a special campaign created to end gender discrimination in engineering. Be inspired by this young engineer’s determination to find the cure for cancer and read why gay engineers make the engineering industry a better place. Lastly, get to know Bill Gates a little bit more and learn why young engineers must aspire to be like him.

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In closing statement, GineersNow firmly believes that the pencil is the greatest tool in poverty alleviation. We are writing the stories of these brave people to inspire readers to take social action. GineersNow is no longer a publication, we are transitioning to a social movement of engineers, scientists, tech innovators and change makers. If you want to join our social-cause, please create your profile and login to our community page (click here).

Social Impact Leaders magazine… inspiring mankind.

Robert Bagatsing

Chief Giving Officer, Lincoln Martin Strategic Marketing

Managing Editor, GineersNow

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The Social Impact of Lensational: Social Change Via Photography

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