Social Media Can Support the Renewable Industry

Social media is a simple answer to renewable industry communication woes

Renewable Industry

The rise of temperature and the worsening of the world’s climate calls for more innovative solutions other than planting trees and reducing plastic waste. We need a revolutionary change to reduce, if not wholly eliminate, the use of irreplaceable natural resources that do not only deplete the Earth but causes global weather changes as well.

Thankfully, with the advancement in the technology industry came a handful of ideas that can be used to improve the state of today’s living. This is where renewable energy products come into play.

Using renewable energy has proved to provide better services and fewer consequences compared to using fossil fuels and biomass. Wind turbines, for instance, are capable of producing the same amount of electricity that burning natural gas can produce. Wind turbines’ emissions only account for about 2% of the total emissions of burning natural gas.

This reason alone is acceptable enough to convince the public to switch to alternative resources. However, there are still a few groups and individuals who support renewable energy but do not fully accept the change. They feel alarmed of being near solar power farms, wind farms, and even geothermal farms, accusing the developers of possible health consequences.

These are apparent misunderstandings on the part of the consumer, but the developer end has the same mistakes as well. It is always a must to back up new renewable energy projects with proper public education and information dissemination to further advertise the product and make the public aware of its benefits to the environment and the end users.

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Social media is a simple answer to this. There are already a billion people using various social media outlets every single day. It is only appropriate to approach the problem in a way that it will connect to more people in the fastest and more convenient possible way.

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Social Media Can Support the Renewable Industry

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