Future Technologies of Shopping Malls

The Future Technologies of Shopping Malls and Retail Industry

The Future Technologies of Shopping Malls and Retail Industry

In the US, the highest rate of mall vacancy was recorded in the end of 2012, while Asia is steadfastly increasing by 50% since 2010.

America is declining because shopping can now be done on mobile phones. Online shopping carts ate a big chunk of the pie in the west. Amazon leading the packed of digital superstore.

Meanwhile in Asia, the increase of brick-and-mortar shopping malls especially in China, Philippines, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Vietnam, Indonesia has increased for the past 10 years because of the population demand and clear strategy. There is also a inconvenient factor, considering the horrible traffic Asians are experiencing going to the malls. Even thought the explosion of online shopping in Asia such as Alibaba and Lazada has increased, people still preferred to go to the malls. But recently, going to the mall has indeed became a task instead of a leisure in Asia. Therefore more malls are needed to be built within 20 km radius in every populated areas.

Innovate or Die

Shopping malls should step up and introduce services that will make their customers keep coming back despite having the option to order online and wait for their items to be delivered to their doorstep. Leading shopping group Westfield shared their vision of malls in 2028.

First, they will be making use of advanced technology tools like machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital pathways, or drones. Machine learning tools get to know customers and their interests so that they can come up with suggestions when they go back to the store. Artificial intelligence can also be used to transform today’s mall walkways into digital ones. Drones will also be utilized to deliver good for customers.

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Mall’s New Usage

Malls will also be the place to go if one wants to relax or learn. Malls will be known as betterment zones where mindfulness workshops will be held. Mallgoers will also be treated to the sight of indoor and outdoor green spaces, spectacular fountains, indoor sports and watersports facilities.

Since malls have large spaces, educational conferences can also be held there.

Also, malls will be known to serve fresh and healthy food as in the future, it will be known to be the source of fruits and vegetables taken directly from local farms.

If this futuristic view comes to life, malls will then play a vital role in the society because they will be able to bring people together, improve their lives, and feed them with knowledge and with healthy food.


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Future Technologies of Shopping Malls

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