Glasspoint Solar Technology Unites Renewable and Conventional Energy

In this month’s cover story, find out how Glasspoint makes its challenge of extracting heavy oil using renewable energy exciting and inspiring.

Over the recent years, GlassPoint Solar has risen to the top and became the leading supplier of solar energy to the oil and gas industry. With a vision to bring to life its dream to merge conventional and renewable energy, the company is using its innovativeness through its unique technology to bridge the gap between the use of fossil fuels and sustainable energy. GlassPoint aims to help create a cleaner, healthier planet through its technology.

In this month’s cover story, find out how GlassPoint makes its challenge of extracting heavy oil using renewable energy exciting and inspiring. Find out more about this amazing company and how it plans to succeed in achieving its ambitious goal of achieving a better and cleaner planet for all of us.

We also have the most interesting line-up of stories featured in this issue. Learn more about how a group of MIT engineers converted water gas emissions into liquid fuel. Find out how researchers found a way to turn spent coffee grounds into biodiesel more efficiently. You could also read about how transporting petroleum can be done 30 times faster than the usual. Lastly, check out which company made it to the top 10 largest oil companies in the world (in terms of scope and production).

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As we release our fourth magazine for the month, get excited for more interesting stories in the oil and gas industry! So sit back and learn something new in this industry today. Keep up with the latest trends on the Oil and Gas Industry with GineersNow: Oil and Gas Leaders. 

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  1. عيد مبارك للجميع

    Moataz Abdel-Wahab, RIBA , LEED AP, PMP, PMI-SP
    Senior Project Manager

  2. Absolutely true, it is a “Win-Win” for both oil and gas, renewable energy and private companies.

    Barry Cropper
    Senior Project Manager
    Weir Oil & Gas

  3. Kuwait’s fossil-free energy startups are taking center stage. Well done for this initiative in O&G.

    Raphael de Bordas
    Project Manager / Deputy Execution Director
    Suez Environnement

  4. Petrochemicals are still king in Middle East, but the GCC countries has a growing renewable energy sector.

    Abdullah Uraidha
    Project Director
    Alyamama Lubricant Industry LLC

  5. Solar can drive pumps to extract hydrocarbons and to reinjection water.

    Mick Yates
    Technical Director
    Mypowertech Ltd

  6. Renewables could drive the oil price as low as $10 a barrel. Mybe not in my lifetime.

    Phanankosi Ncube
    Weir Oil and Gas

  7. The trend in the Middle East is to harness the sun and wind’s energy to do work that is currently powered by fossil fuels.

    Business Development Leader, Project Manager, Production Solutions
    GE Oil & Gas

  8. Excellent topic. How can we be featured in your magazine?

    Vern Johnson
    Sr. Project Manager
    Samuel Engineering, Inc.

  9. Very few knows that Kuwait is driving numerous renewable initiatives in the oil & gas sector.

    Ali Zaidi
    Regional Project Development
    PD Oil & Gas Middle East

  10. I agree with mick, O&G production platforms depend on water-injection systems to boost recovery. Renewables like solar or wind can be applied here.

    Rolf Richard Keil
    Project Development Manager
    BESIX Concessions & Assets

  11. Opposites attract. Renewables meet Oil & Gas.

    Aiman Al-Ghamdi
    Quality Manager – Aramco Master Gas System Pipeline Expansion Project
    GE Oil & Gas

  12. First impression, combining renewable energy and oil & gas would seem an unlikely match. While reading the story, there’s a big chance to blossom.

    Alastair Ingleby
    Senior Project Engineer
    Costain Oil, Gas & Process

  13. I see solar becoming the long-term solution for the Petrochem industry.

    Brian Rostron
    Sr Project Manager
    Wade Adams

  14. Renewables are growing faster, but the world will also continue to rely on fossil fuel for decades to come. It’s a good idea to combine the two.

    Farid Divsalar
    Project Manager at Sofregaz – Middle East & Africa

  15. Nice story of teaming up traditional energy, technology and renewables.

    Tarek Barham
    Projects Control Manager
    Archirodon Oil and Gas/ Construction Devision

  16. After oil prices fell from about $120 a barrel to under $50, it makes sense for oil and gas companies to go green.

    Muhammad Zeeshan
    Deputy General Manager – Head of Alternate Energy
    GE Waukesha, Jenbacher, Oil & Gas Segment at Orient Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.

  17. Renewable and oil-and-gas industries have been working together in a joint industry program to develop the concept of using floating wind turbines to power an offshore water-injection system.

    Ahmed eldeeb
    Project Manager
    Kuwait Oil Company Ownwd Generators Project Manager

  18. Solar and wind turbine can give sufficient energy to inject water and increase pressure in the offshore reservoir.

    Ahmed Ali Darweesh
    Project Manager
    Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC)- KUWAIT

  19. Renewable energy plays to the strengths of the oil & gas industry.

    Murad A AlSayed
    Manager Project Management Office Department
    Saudi Aramco

  20. Today in Middle East energy operations, we can now see renewable energy as a large-scale source of power to offshore oil & gas daily load requirements.

    Talib Al Talib
    Project Manager, Project Controls
    Saudi Aramco, Offshore Projects Department

  21. Renewables offer a means for diversification in the face of volatile energy.

    Yousef Al-mulla
    Head of “Mobilization and Engagement”
    Qatar Petroleum

  22. Very true that the oil & gas sector survived especially the tough few years with weak demand & low prices.

    Jumah Al-Mazrouie
    Director of Projects Delivery
    Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects

  23. The impact of crude price on petroleum producers has been rapid and dramatic since 2015.

    Marwa Kaabour
    Director Marketing Corporate Communications
    The Industrial Group Ltd.

  24. Upstream oil and gas players are addressing several near-term threats to financial returns, while holding open prospects for growth.

    Rajesh Sharma
    Global Director Marketing Oil & Gas Digital Solutions
    Schneider Electric

  25. After reading the report, I gave more questions than answers. What are the long-term impacts of the oil and gas downturn then?

    Gary Ward
    Operations Director – Oil & Gas – EMEA

  26. Upstream capital projects represent the largest segment of an oil & gas company’s capex / opex spending.

    Jorg Gerritsen
    Division Director Oil & Gas

  27. Oil is heading for a 5th weekly decline after sinking into a bear market.

    Srinivas Moka
    Director – Oil & Gas Sales, EMEA Region
    Black & Veatch

  28. I disagree with Srinivas. The 2 year downturn in oil & gas sector may be coming to a close.

    Joe Chalouhi
    Senior HR Director and Oil & Gas Middle East, North Africa, Turkey & Pakistan

  29. Since 2015, it has been very difficult to make strategic decisions and plan for the future of oil & gas. But 2017 is much better.

    Maya Baydoun
    Account Director – Oil & Gas Sector

  30. Back in 2015, large and multinational oil companies are negotiating aggressively for 10-30% discounts from oil-field service providers. We don’t see that now. 2017 is much better than it was 2 years back.

    Nasir Sharif
    Sales Director; Oil & Gas and Marine Solutions

  31. Our long-term outlook in MENA, based on demand and supply fundamentals, remains optimistic.

    Andrew Dennant
    Director, Oil & Gas
    Emerson Automation Solutions

  32. The oil price downturn impact will have long-term effects on the industry in a number of areas including capital allocation and people. This must be address immediately.

    Hussein Matar
    Oil & Gas / Power – Corporate Strategy & Business Development – Director
    Al Nowais Investments / AMEA Power

  33. Great topic about fusion of traditional and alternative energy. Well done to Glasspoint.

    Dr.Anjali Sandeep-LEED GREEN A
    Business Development Director & Senior Specialist -HSE, Oil Gas & Chemical Industry

  34. This post are all over the social media. Outstanding marketing team. I wonder how you guys are doing this marketing in Linkedin and Facebook.

    Rene Payne
    Associate Director – Engineering, Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas
    CapMan Consulting

  35. The oil price collapse in June 2014, started a wave of cost reduction among upstream businesses. In 2017, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Omar Binghalib
    Business Development Manager
    BG Petrodyne Oil & Gas Contracting LLC

  36. Massive cost cutting may offer some short-term breathing space, but it is a myopic, panicky response that could leave businesses unequipped for the next turn of the business cycle.

    Marc Roos
    Regional Human Resources Director, EMEA
    Weir Oil and Gas

  37. To resolve this conflict between near-term pressures and long-term potential, oil and gas company leaders should be executing a strategic response to the economic crisis that offsets near-term risks and maintains or even increases long-term capabilities.

    Sheikh Taofeek Mustapha
    Ronpon Oil and Gas

  38. The survival mentality in the oil and gas industry seems to have resulted in a mindset shift toward shorter-cycle projects.

    Varman Ramachandran
    Executive Director – Oil and Gas, Chemical, Industrial and Power. Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam
    AECOM Philippines Inc

  39. Better on-site execution is the only way forward in petrochemical industry

    Fadi Atallah
    Sales Director – Turbomachinery
    GE Oil & Gas

  40. The refining industry is at a crossroads.

    Shibu Sasidharan
    Chief Marketing Officer | Strategy & Growth Executive
    GE Oil & Gas

  41. Harmonized functional requirements and interfaces would provide the basis for standardizing the designs of equipment installed on new projects.

    Essam Youssif
    Director of Oil & Gas Relations Committee

  42. Oil prices recovered after falling into a bear market amid speculation.

    Basavaraj Angadi
    Director – Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Unit and Head India OGP Division
    Mott MacDonald

  43. Most executives believe that $60 per bbl is an important threshold for a revival.

    Pankaj Goel
    Director Oil & Gas, Indian sub-continent
    Solar Turbines

  44. Demand for transportation fuels is halting in developing economies and industry growth is shifting to Asia.

    Andy Beadle
    Regional Sales Director
    Siemens Oil & Gas

  45. Using solar power to get fossil fuels out of the ground will strike some as ironic. But it makes economic sense.

    Waleed Al-Farah

  46. According to US dept of energy, solar energy in the US employs more people than traditional coal, gas and oil combined. This can be the future trend in Middle East.

    Khaled Kora
    Managing Director Seagull Oil And Gas Exploration
    Seagull Oil And Gas Exploration

  47. The trend is that oil & gas and fossil fuels are predominantly used for cars, trucks, planes. Very little of it is used for power.

    Mahalingam Srinivasan
    Country Director Oil and Gas, Chemicals
    Tebodin Middle East

  48. While solar EOR can lower EOR costs and carbon emissions, oil companies need to be very careful in locking into 20-year solar solutions which are uneconomic. The technology mentioned in this article has been proven to be at least 40% more expensive than competing solutions, which will make this oil less competitive.

Glasspoint Solar Technology Unites Renewable and Conventional Energy

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