Transforming The Energy Industry With Digital Technology

In this month’s cover, we feature McDermott International. Find out how this company is transforming the energy industry with digital technology.

For the second issue of GineersNow: Oil and Gas Leaders, we will further explore the industry to learn more about what the future holds for it. What are engineers and researchers doing to optimize energy production? How can the digital age help oil and gas companies today? Are petroleum engineers really the highest paid in the engineering sector?

There are still a lot of questions left unanswered in this industry but the most important we should ask is, “What are oil and gas companies doing to meet our energy demands with minimum impact to the environment?”

In this month’s cover, we feature McDermott International. Find out how this company is transforming the energy industry with digital technology. Given today’s volatility of the energy industry, the company’s Vice President of Global Engineering, Vaseem Khan, shares to us an exclusive interview discussing the company’s vision to ensure growth and sustainability and transforming itself with the innovative use of digital technologies.

Also, know more about today’s latest technologies such as a robot designed by Indian engineers that can be used to detect pipeline leakages. Read stories about engineers attempting to turn metal into sustainable fuel and researchers creating a new material that absorbs oil more effectively.

We have also prepared a special report about the digital marketing in the industry. Find out how it works and learn the step-by-step guide energy industry marketers can use to optimize their marketing communication efforts within the industry because digital is the new language of oil and gas marketing. Together with this issue is the supplementary magazine to cover all the details of this special report.

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As part of our commitment to help engineers all over the globe to become better leaders in their field, we have included in this issue our best engineering leadership articles. From making engineers happier at work to finding out why they quit their jobs or haven’t fulfilled their potentials, we want our readers to be the best at their work and in every other aspects in their lives.

So sit back and learn something new in this industry today. Keep up with the latest trends on the oil and gas Industry with GineersNow: Oil and Gas Leaders. 

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  1. The Vision 2030 announcement last year brought many changes across Saudi Arabia as the Kingdom took moves to diversify the economy away from oil.

    Yaser A. Fattah
    Director Special Project
    National Petrochemical Industrial Company

  2. The oil and gas industry is tailor-made for this transformation: operations typically span multiple regions, with heavy capital investments and extended supply chains.

    Abdulkader Lamaa
    VP Digital
    McKinsey Digital Labs

  3. Be cautious. Simply opening an infected email in a head office may lead to serious consequences for upstream and downstream operations.
    Are you really ready? Let’s talk.

    Richard Reiner
    Chief Technology Officer – Safe Identity

  4. By collecting big data, able to analyze it, we can translate huge quantities of information into better operational & HSE decisions, and do it swiftly and cost-effectively.

    Mubarak Aweida AL-Kaabi
    Head Of Safety
    Qatar Petroleum Ras Laffan Industrial City

  5. For oil & gas companies, optimizing performance at every process step – and over the entire value chain – is paramount.

    Anirban Pal
    Energy & Utility Solution Architect
    Siemens Smart Grid Division Qatar

  6. Wow, this post is all over my Linkedin news feed. You must have a lot of Linkedin followers.

    Great story about digital migration. Wondering if McDermott (and the rest of the oil suppliers) are truly ready for Cyber threats. Just 2 weeks back, we got hit by a global virus.

    Richard Henderson
    Electrical Engineer, Technical Support Division
    Qatargas Operating Company Limited

  7. For oil & gas companies, optimizing performance at every process step – and over the entire value chain – is the highest priority.

    Anirban Pal
    Energy & Utility Solution Architect
    Siemens Smart Grid Division Qatar

  8. The recent fall in crude prices has encouraged oil and gas companies to increasingly adopt digital technologies and models to drive further efficiencies across the value chain.

    Piotr Zalewski
    Digital Transformation Consultant, Saudi Arabia

  9. Digitalization is penetrating the oil & gas industry. This will revolutionize business processes from upstream, midstream and downstream.

    Dr. Abdullah Al Qahtani
    Chief Economist
    Saudi Aramco

  10. As is the case in many other industries, Oil, Gas & Chemicals companies are embracing digital connectivity, cloud computing and automation, though the challenges of doing so in their often extreme locations require deep expertise in applying and managing the necessary hardware and software.

    Mostafa AlGuezeri
    Managing Director, UAE, Gulf & NE

  11. Digitization provides the technical foundations to generate and analyze relevant data along the value chain in real time. It also enables chemical companies in a further step to connect the individual areas of the value chain so that a flexible reaction to short-term changes is possible.

    Sven Mandewirth
    Partner & Industry Lead Chemicals
    Camelot Management Consultants

  12. McDermott International announced this week that it has signed another MOU with Saudi Aramco to expand and develop the company’s physical and human capital within the Kingdom as part of Aramco’s In-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program. The MOU demonstrates McDermott’s support of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Aramco’s IKTVA program. The Company has committed to a nine-initiative plan to increase its contribution to the country’s localization efforts and aid Saudi Aramco in meeting its 2021 objectives. McDermott plans to increase the number of Saudi nationals in its Middle East workforce and is expected to create 3,000 jobs.

    Michael Megarry
    Head of Corporate Strategy Communications
    Saudi Aramco

  13. On the month of Ramadan, I am wishing you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of clemency, and 720 hours of enlightenment. Happy Ramadan to all the oil & gas professionals.

    AbdulRazzag Alharbi
    Director, Industrial Procurement Division
    Saudi Aramco

  14. Digitalization can bring various benefits to day-to-day operations and cost reduction. For condition monitoring, specific, industry, historical and real-time data lets operators improve maintenance and inspections.

    Saide Mansur
    SHES Manager

  15. Real-time data from wells will allow timely decisions on underperforming wells and other potentially high-cost issues. Detecting anomalies during drilling and operations will enable more effective decision making that can deliver cost savings.

    Ashish K. Gupta
    Vice President, Business Development
    Technip France – Abu Dhabi EMIA Region

  16. Great indepth article. I really like McDermott’s views.
    Extensive data on efficiency and emissions provides for better monitoring of HSSE performance and compliance.

    Ajay Gandhi
    Project Engineering Manager
    Technip UAE

  17. Complex market dynamics create an urgent need for digital transformation. Forward-looking oil and gas firms believe today’s turbulent market landscape provides an opportunity to gain competitive advantage by harnessing new technologies.

    Khalid Hussein
    Global PMO Leader, Middle East, Africa & Russia – Certified Coach
    Cisco Systems

  18. Ramadan Kareem to everyone.
    Thank you for sharing this magazine in Linkedin.

    Ali Musa
    Senior Petroleum Engineer
    Aramco Services Company

  19. Vaseem is absolutely right. Oil and gas companies must compete on talent, tap into a digital workforce, and drive customized and seamless work experiences.

    Omar Boulos
    Middle East Managing Director

  20. The convergence of data, machines and people—and analytics powered in part by the emergence of the cloud—will enable smarter decision making by people on the edges of the organization.

    Shobha Meera
    Head, Global Sales & Marketing
    Capgemini Financial Services SBU

  21. As oil and gas companies continue to digitize work and start to compete more on data management and analytic proficiency, it will transform the nature of the industry’s work and workforce.

    Zainab AlKhamees
    IT Leadership Program
    GE Oil & Gas

  22. It may seem like oil and gas companies are reducing the need for workers by replacing them with new digital systems. However, let’s not forget that these systems can’t install themselves.

    Gabor Szabo
    Expat Recruitment – International Campaign Management
    Saudi Aramco

  23. There’s no doubt about the oil and gas sector being an operationally brilliant industry. The concept of extracting oil and gas has remained consistent for many years, but the need for digital enhancements has rarely been considered, nor widely desired due to security issues.

    Moneef Almoneef
    Director – MEG Global Business, Glycols BU

  24. Brilliant article.
    McDermott is spot on.
    Digital technologies will drive value, reduce costs in downturn. OIl & Gas has never been this exciting.

    Nidal Al-Basha
    Managing Architect
    Microsoft Middle East

  25. By taking advantage of the intelligent cloud, greater use of analytics and IoT go hand in hand with what we are seeing in our business today — the advent of the industrial Internet enabling the power of digital across the oil and gas sector

    Craig Hodges
    General Manager of the Gulf Coast District

  26. Digital transformation is taking place in every industry with remarkable speed and success.

    Dr. Musleh Al-Otaibi
    Manager Operations (Heavy Oil)
    Kuwait Oil Company

  27. Digital oil fields will enable oil and gas companies to fully utilize historical structured and unstructured data to drive future business decisions.

    Abdulrahman Almunayes
    Innovation Program Leader مدير برنامج الابتكار
    EQUATE Petrochemical Company

  28. Digital technologies are adding value today in the oil and gas industry.

    Ammar Al Nuaimi
    Drilling HSE Engineer
    The Abu Dhabi Company for Petroleum Oil Operations (ADCO)

  29. I enjoyed reading McDermott’s views. Vaseem is correct. To optimize production is a major opportunity for oil and gas companies today.

    Aya Abdullah
    Production Manager

  30. Using digital technologies within the industry could reduce capital expenditures by up to 20%.

    Abdulla Al-Qadi
    Executive Director, E&P
    Crescent Petroleum

  31. The oil and gas industry has been an early adopter of sensor technology.

    Fred Chemin
    General Manager
    Dubai Petroleum

  32. The next frontier of oil, gas and petrochemical companies is how to harness the power of digitalisation for them to thrive in this challenging and difficult times.

    Faisal Khashouf
    Group Vice President
    ABB Saudi Arabia

  33. For decades, energy companies have relied on rich pools of data to discover and understand the potential in their reservoirs and other production opportunities.

    Yousef Al-Mulla
    Head of “Mobilization and Engagement”
    Qatar Petroleum

  34. رمَضَان كريم

    Ranya Safar
    Head of SR Women’s Section
    SAMREF ( Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co.Ltd.

  35. There is already a large, untapped potential in existing data, which companies can use to generate new insights with advanced analysis techniques.

    Ahmed Al Harthi
    Acting Vice President ( Integrity and Pipeline)
    The Abu Dhabi Company for Petroleum Oil Operations (ADCO)

  36. Just like Neo in the Matrix… a connected Middle East means seamlessly interfacing the physical world of humans and machines with the virtual world of big data.

    Syamak Bahmanyar
    Director of Service Operations, Portfolio Management & Data Services, Industry Services MEA, Siemens

  37. عيد مبارك للجميع

    Rashid Al Fehaidi EMBA, BEng
    Engineering Services Manager
    Qatar Petroleum

Transforming The Energy Industry With Digital Technology

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