Boy in China Finishes His Homework While Being Trapped in Elevator for 5 Hours

He was able to finish his math, science, and Chinese homework while he was waiting for the rescue to come.

Elevators prove to be an efficient time- and effort-saver in vertical structures. It serves as a viable transportation alternative for stairs in moving people or goods between floors. When it works properly, residents and visitors alike conveniently use the genius engineering invention. But when it doesn’t, it is one of the greatest banes in the city life.

People are obliged to take the stairs when it doesn’t operate. Worse, people can get trapped inside when it malfunctions.

 Source: J People
Source: J People

This is what happened to a 13-year-old junior high student in Harbin City, which has made rounds in local news and social media in China. While most people would rather shout, panic, break down and cry inside the enclosed steel box, this boy had the mischief entirely managed.

Sun Yixiao kept his composure in such an unfortunate event. He had prevented the elevator from falling by quickly pressing the destination floor button. This allowed the lift and its lone passenger to stabilize.

Like anyone would do after a moment of panic, he took to the intercom system which unluckily was not working. When he discovered that there is no other way to open the door and make the elevator move, he wrote a note about the situation to notify anyone who would notice. It said, “Someone is inside the elevator. Please contact the building’s administration!”

He slipped the note through a gap in the door in such a way that it can be seen by a passerby. While he was waiting for rescue, Sun figured that he might as well do some homework.

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In the entire time that Sun was trapped in the elevator, he was able to finish his math, science, and Chinese homework, in that order. He used his bag as a seat and his lap as a desk.

Sun was done with his written assignments only to get no help. With some more spare time, he tackled all of his required memorization of Chinese character pronunciations.

Firefighters came to the rescue and broke the door after 5 hours since Sun was held captive. To their surprise, he was not at all startled and instead looked calm.

Of course he became an instant superstar when he shared about what happened. Most boys would barely react and respond that way when trapped inside an elevator.

If you were in Sun’s position, what would you have done?

Source: Rocket News | J. People

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Boy in China Finishes His Homework While Being Trapped in Elevator for 5 Hours

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