Hacking Instagram Rewards 10-Year Old Boy

This kid hacked Instagram, found a bug, and got paid $10,000!

Hacking Instagram

Jani, a 10-year old Finnish boy found a means to hack Instagram’s servers and found that he could delete texts that any user posted accompanying the photos. He was also able to find a bug that even Facebook’s group of engineers missed!

After finding these out, being the good kid that he is, he emailed Instagram about his discovery. Within a few days, Instagram issued a patch and Jani was rewarded $10,000 for his discovery. The reward money came from Facebook’s bug bounty program, and the prize they gave him was 5.6 times larger than the average pay-out! After all, it’s not everyday that you see a 10-year old hack his way through a well-engineered website.

Jani and his twin brother both enjoy finding bugs in different websites, but this is the first either of them has been paid for finding! So, what does Jani plan to spend this on? He plans to buy a new bike and a football.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

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Hacking Instagram Rewards 10-Year Old Boy

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